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Programming language: Haskell
License: BSD 3-clause "New" or "Revised" License
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Latest version: v0.1.0.0

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Do you have code you feel that should be shared on some library, but can't pin down on how it should be named, or structured? Are you reusing tools that you are uncertain if optimal, or even if they solve the right problem? Does everything seem in place, aligned, within reach, and yet you just can't grab that bird?

If so, this package is for you.


A place for dumping that does-not-feel-right code while you talk about it and make it good enough for somewhere else.

Our SLA provides at a minimum an unlimited supply of rubber ducks¹ to help² you settle your open issues.


Every piece of code must be related to an open issue, with its number pointed by at the code documentation comments.

The library must compile at all times.

Code should preferentially have names that do not conflict with well used libraries, so people can better play with and evaluate it. When unsure, feel free to add Acme modules at any namespace.

Try to keep extensions restricted to modules and non-conflicting.

This library is compiled with -Wall e -Wwarn-incomplete-patterns. Feel free to disable warnings in modules when necessary. Just don't let them spill into the terminal.

If you are in doubt if your code is good enough for this package, it is. Open your issues and send a PR.



The best practices manual for using this library follows:


If you really insist, refrain from it.

Although copying and pasting code from here into your project may be safe. Do it carefully. And tell about it on the respective issues and subscribe to them.

What more can I say? In fact, I can say a lot!

Nobody ever got fired³ by choosing acme-kitchen-sink.

If deployment is necessary, acme-catapult may be an invaluable tool for achieving very deterministic outcomes. If acme-catapult turns out to be too restrictive for your needs, the Acme Jet Propulsion Lab will gladly provide a series of products that will grant all the needed flexibility for your kitchen-sink deployment procedures, just make sure to be physically present at every stage.

Anyway, whatever deployment method is chosen, make sure to account for the low latency and high responsivity of the deployment target. Also ensure you have a direct path connecting you to the target, as there have been many reports of problems with unreliable tunnels and unexpected traffic surges within them.

You too can join the club of happy acme-kitchen-sink users. See what some of our most famous users have to say about it and get a feel for the kind of experiences acme-kitchen-sink can bring for you:

"Acme-kitchen-sync feels like home! The overall architecture, the long reaching conventions, the enforced structure, the unity of design, the well thought-out decisions. Everything in it reminds my favorite programming environment."

-- Proud PHP Programmer

"It was about time that lazy compiler started to give me options! I'm used to tools that relentless look for ways to help me, and keep me informed of all necessary details. Only after I imported acme-kitchen-sink I started getting my usual amount of error tracing information at compile time. I'll tell you - I don't miss templates anymore."

-- Converted C++ Coder

"Out there on the road, there are no safe places, no retreats, no margin for error. Out there you'll suffer on every unpatched hole, every virtual construction will turn against you, you will eventually hit every boulder on your way, or it will hit you!

It's a dog-eat-bird world out there, and on those situations you need nothing but predictability. That's why I use Acme, and the kitchen-sink didn't bring any less of it - it gets exactly the same quality of results I've grown to expect from any other Acme tool, no more, no less; no disappointments, no surprises.

I can only say one thing about acme-kitchen-sink: Would use again!"

-- Willie C. - Certified Acme Product Deployer Expert (APDE)

Is this Serious?

Well, yes, just not too serious.

I do think there is a need for a space for sharing uncertain code and talking about it. This package provides it.

Small Print

1 - May contain rubber.

2 - A duck insanity surcharge applies for any rubber duck gone mad in consequence of high level Math sorcery.

3 - Acme declines any responsibility from semantic confusion emanating from the similarity of that word with "burned", "smashed", "exploded", "electrocuted" or "dropped out of a cliff". Acme also declines any responsibility from iconic confusion by the similarity of the previously mentioned icon and "fired at", that although sharing many visual properties must not replace the above single standing, prepositionless adjective.