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Welcome to Alpha !

Alpha is a simple programming language, whose compiler is written in Haskell (although later versions might be written in Alpha). For the moment, it only handles the x86_64 architecture and, though it might be compiled and run on another, it is strongly advised for your own safety that you do not do so (then again, if you love segfaults, who am I to judge :-D )

For more information about the language itself and its quirks and turns, I invite you to visit the Alpha Lang Website

Compiling Alpha

In order to compile Alpha, you will need the 'cabal-install' tool for building Haskell projects. Using cabal-install, you will just have to execute the following commands (in the project root directory) to compile the compiler:

cabal configure --user
cabal install

Note: Alpha uses some recent version of certain Haskell libraries and might not compile on old or out-of-date systems. Unfortunately, the only way to fix that is to update your system, for there are enough problems as it is trying to write the compiler without having to deal with backward compatibility. I hope you will understand.

Running Alpha

Once the compile step has completed (hopefully without too much hassle), you may happily compile your Alpha programs with that simple command:

alpha <language>:<symbol>

where <symbol> and <language> are respectively the name of the entry symbol to your program and the name of the language in which the compiler might find that symbol. For example, let's say you have a verb called 'main' in a file called 'prog.a', running alpha prog:main will generate an executable called 'main' whose entry point will be the 'main' verb.

Alpha also has an interactive mode that you may use by calling it without arguments. This interactive mode is not a REPL in the purest sense of the term as it doesn't P anything. You may run arbitrary code within it, though, and that's what matters. Implementing the P part of a REPL can (and should) be done with the language and will not be integrated into the compiler.

For more information about exactly what languages and symbols are, you might want to check out the Alpha Lang Documentation. If you want more immediate help on how to run Alpha, you may also run the command alpha -h which shows you the options supported by your version of Alpha (which you can check out by running alpha -v)