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Programming language: Haskell
License: BSD 3-clause "New" or "Revised" License
Tags: Database    
Latest version: v0.6

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cassy - Haskell Cassandra Client Build Status


The intent is to develop a high quality, high level driver similar to pycassa.

API Documentation

Please see the Haddocks hosted on HackageDB:



Database.Cassandra.Basic Usage

This module offers low-level functionality that is still much more pleasant than using Thrift directly.

import Database.Cassandra.Basic

test :: IO ()
test = do
  pool <- createCassandraPool defServers 3 300 "TestKeySpace"
  insert pool "testCF" "key1" QUORUM [col "col1" "value1"]
  getCol pool "testCF" "key1" "col1" QUORUM

Database.Cassandra.Marshall Usage

This is the primary high level functionality module. Its use is recommended above the other options.

  • Columns can be any Haskell type with a CasType instance. See Database.Cassandra.Pack for what you can use there out of the box.
  • You can choose how to encode/decode your column content. Out of the box, we support Show/Read, ToJSON/FromJSON, Serialize and SafeCopy.

Example usage: JSON-encoded columns

  import Database.Cassandra.Marshall
  import Data.Aeson

  type Name = String
  type Age = Int
  data Person = Person Name Age

  -- Define JSON serialization for our data structure

  instance ToJSON Person where
      toJSON (Person nm age) = toJSON (nm,age)

  instance FromJSON Person where
      parseJSON v = do
          (nm, age) <- parseJSON v
          return $ Person nm age

  test :: Person -> IO ()
  test p@(Person nm age) = do
    pool <- createCassandraPool defServers 3 300 "TestKeySpace"

    -- I can use any string-like key and don't have to explicitly
    -- convert person to ByteString.
    runCas pool $ insertCol casJSON "testCF" "people" nm QUORUM p

    -- Automatically de-serialized back to a datatype
    res <- runCas pool $ getCol casJSON "testCF" "people" nm QUORUM
    case res of
        Just (Person nm age) -> return age
        Nothing -> error "Oh NO!!!"

Release Notes

Version 0.7

  • We now use retry >= 0.4 and hence exceptions machinery instead of monad-control.

Version 0.6

  • Updated to work with monad-control instead of MonadCatchIO.
  • Now using retry >= 0.3 for the same reason.
  • More CasType instances in Pack module for completeness. Preference is shifting to using native Haskell types directly.
  • Database.Cassandra.JSON module is now formally deprecated and will be removed in 0.7. Please switch to Marshall, which can replace it in entirety.

Version 0.5

  • Added Database.Cassandra.Marshall that is now intended to be the primary module to be used in all Cassandra operations. This module supercedes and replaces the Database.Cassandra.JSON high level module. Building on top of the Basic module, Marshall allows user to pick the serialization methodology for each of the operations. We provide out of box support for JSON, cereal, safecopy and plain old show/read.
  • A new TTimeStamp type makes it easier to have timestamps as Long-encoded columns.
  • There is now simple support for pagination of columns in wide rows, CPS-style. See the paginate function in Database.Cassandra.Marshall.
  • Numerous other fixes and tweaks

Version 0.4

This version packs a fairly large changeset. It will almost definitely break your code, although the fix/adjustment is likely to be minor.

  • Vastly enhanced the Database.Cassandra.Pack module to represent types that Cassandra can sort and validate.
  • Added CasType typeclass that offers encodeCas and decodeCas methods that handle conversions to/from the binary ByteString representation.
  • Composite columns are now supported through tuples. Just pick two or more CasType instances and put them in a tuple to automatically trigger composite column conversion. Keep in mind that your ColumnFamily schema must be configured right or else you'll get runtime exceptions.
  • Added a bunch of newtype wrappers to directly map to types Cassandra knows. These include TAscii, TBytes, TInt, TUtf8 and some others.
  • Changed several methods in Basic and JSON modules to expect CasType column key values instead of concrete ByteString.
  • Added the useful packCol and unpackCol functions to smoothly handle column key type conversions when working with the Basic module.
  • Made the Cas monad a simple type synonym for ReaderT CPool.
  • Added the get_ metho to JSON to make it easier to discard key names and just get the column contents.
  • Numerous fixes and minor tweaks.

Version 0.3

  • Added MonadCassandra typeclass, which is now used by all operations by default.
  • Added a default Cas moand that instantiates MonadCassandra for convenience.
  • All Basic module ops now return results directly instead of an Either wrapper. Each operation may raise a CassandraException.
  • Connection pooling now builds on top of the resource-pool library to initiate connections to multiple servers in round-robin fashion.
  • Basic.insert now knows how to insert a SuperColumn.


  • Add support for counters and batch mutators
  • Add support for database/admin operations


Would love to get contributions, bug reports, suggestions, feedback from the community.