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  • v0.8 Changes

    • Add SubstitutedVal constructor for Val API change. This is used to track variables that are repressed due to substitution. (We can't just delete them, because they still count when we have "if" elements that check for a variable.)

    • Fix logic for including a group. A group with a text node and an empty variable should count as empty.

    • CaseTransform: don't change words that are a mix of uppercase and nonletters, like CRT1000.

    • Fix label with "page" variable (#107).

    • Fix error in test suite. We stripped indentation in the expected result in some cases.

    • Update fr-FR locale from upstream.

  • v0.8.0.2 Changes

    • Fix missing locator after collapsing and grouping with year suffix (#96).
  • v0.8.0.1 Changes

    • Fix disambiguation edge case (#116). We weren't properly disambiguating when only one of two ambiguous names had a subsequent citation.

    • Chicago page numbering fixes.

    • Update test suite form upstream.

    • Handle whole-citation links differently in secondFieldAlign (#113, Benjamin Bray).

    • Require data-default >= 0.5.2 (#114, Bodigrim).

  • v0.7 Changes

    • Handle old term form sub verbo as if it is sub-verbo (the new form).

    • Update to latest locales in CSL repository.

    • Makefile: Fix update-locales target.

    • Keep explicit "et al." (#102, Albert Krewinkel).

    • Factor out deleteSubstitutedVariables.

    • Add any references in citationItemData to references.

    • Add citationItemData field to CitationItem [API change]. This corresponds to the itemData that can appear in the JSON representation of a citation item.

    • Add Ord, Eq instances for Reference, DisambiguationData, Val [API change].

  • v0.6 Changes

    • Add Term parameter to TagTerm [API change].

    • Add TagPrefix, TagSuffix constructors to Tag [API change].

    • Make sure that extracted AuthorOnly names have the correct formatting (#55).

    • Do case-insensitive sorting, like Zotero (#91).

    • Ignore "ibid" entries in computing ambiguities.

    • Improved disambiguation for author-in-text citations.

    • In disambiguating, convert author-in-text to normal citations. Otherwise we disambiguate incorrectly.

    • Fix title disambiguation with note style (#90). Previously we'd been calculating ambiguities by generating renderings for citation items independently of context. This meant that we didn't detect ambiguities in "subsequent" citations (which might e.g. just have an author).

    • Ensure we don't do collapsing of items across a prefix or suffix (#89). If we have [@doe99; for contrasting views see @smith33; @doe00], we don't want to get collapsing to (Doe 1999, 2000; for contrasting views, see Smith 1933). This isn't strictly by the spec, but it gives better results.

    • Allow collapsing after an initial prefix.

  • v0.6.0.1 Changes

    • Ensure that position evaluates false inside bibliography (#99).
  • v0.5 Changes

    • Add linkBibliography field to CiteprocOptions [API change]. When this is set to True, we hyperlink bibliography entries according to the draft of the CSL v1.02 spec (Appendix VI). When an entry has a DOI, PMCID, PMID, or URL available but none of these are rendered by the style, add a link to the title (or, if no title is present, the whole entry), using the URL for the DOI, PMCID, PMID, or URL (in that order of priority). (Benjamin Bray, #88.)

    • In generating citation labels, only use issued date. Not, for example, accessed (#80).

    • Citeproc.Locale: export lookupQuotes. [API change]

    • Citeproc.Types: Add localizeQuotes method to CiteprocOutput class [API change].

    • Citeproc.CslJson, Citeproc.Pandoc: Implement localizeQuotes.

    • Citeproc: apply localizeQuotes after rendering. This ensures that quotes are properly localized and flipflopped. Previously this was done in renderCslJson (for CSL JSON) and in pandoc (for Pandoc Inlines). It is more consistent to do this as part of the rendering pipeline, in citeproc itself.

    • Citeproc.CslJson: Drop the Locale parameter from the signature of renderCslJson [breaking API change]. It was only needed for quote localization, which now occurs outside of this function.

    • Citeproc.Pandoc: use a Span with class csl-quoted for quotes, rather than a Quoted inline. This way we can leave Quoted elements passed in by pandoc alone, and we won't get strange effects like the one described in #87 (where " behaves differently when in a citation suffix).

    • Default to Shifted with icu flag (#83). This makes the library behave similarly whether compiled with icu or with the default unicode-collation and prevents test failures with icu.

    • Require recent text-icu with icu flag. Older versions don't build with newer versions of icu4c.

    • Support links in CslJson (Benjamin Bray). Currently they are only supported in rendering, not parsing (in support of #88).

    • Allow test cases to specify CiteprocOptions (Benjamin Bray).

    • Update locales from upstream.

    • Add new CSL tests to repository.

  • v0.4.1 Changes

    • Change Pandoc inNote so it creates a Span with class csl-note rather than a Note. This should make it easier to integrate citations with ordinary notes in pandoc.
    • Do not hyperlink author-only citations (#77). If we do this we get two consecutive hyperlinks for author-in-text forms.
    • movePunctuationInsideQuotes: only move , and ., not ? and !, as per the CSL spec.
  • v0.4 Changes

    • We now use Lang from unicode-collation rather than defining our own. The type constructor has changed, as has the signature of parseLang.
    • Use unicode-collation by default for more accurate sorting.
      • text-icu will still be used if the icu flag is set. This may give better performance, at the cost of depending on a large C library.
      • Change type of SortKeyValue so it doesn't embed Lang. [API change] Instead, we now store a language-specific collator in the Eval Context.
      • Move compSortKeyValues from Types to Eval.
    • Add curly open quote to word splitters in normalizeSortKey.
    • Improve date sorting: use the format YYYY0000 if no month, day, and YYYYMM00 if no day when generating sort keys.
    • Special treatment of literal "others" as last name in a list (#61). When we convert bibtex/biblatex bibliographies, the form "and others" yields a last name with nameLiteral = "others". We detect this and generate a localized "and others" (et al).
    • Make abbreviations case-insensitive (#45).
  • v0.4.0.1 Changes

    • Fix bug introduced by the fix to #61 (#74). In certain circumstances, we could get doubled "et al.".
    • Depend on unicode-collation unconditionally (#71). It is necessary even when text-icu is used, because of Text.Collate.Lang.
    • Rename tests in extra/ so they fall into categories.