citeproc v0.4 Release Notes

    • We now use Lang from unicode-collation rather than defining our own. The type constructor has changed, as has the signature of parseLang.
    • Use unicode-collation by default for more accurate sorting.
      • text-icu will still be used if the icu flag is set. This may give better performance, at the cost of depending on a large C library.
      • Change type of SortKeyValue so it doesn't embed Lang. [API change] Instead, we now store a language-specific collator in the Eval Context.
      • Move compSortKeyValues from Types to Eval.
    • Add curly open quote to word splitters in normalizeSortKey.
    • Improve date sorting: use the format YYYY0000 if no month, day, and YYYYMM00 if no day when generating sort keys.
    • Special treatment of literal "others" as last name in a list (#61). When we convert bibtex/biblatex bibliographies, the form "and others" yields a last name with nameLiteral = "others". We detect this and generate a localized "and others" (et al).
    • Make abbreviations case-insensitive (#45).