dbmigrations v2.0.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2016-10-22 // about 5 years ago
  • 🚀 This release contains breaking changes!

    • Factored out all database-specific functionality into separate 📦 packages (thanks Bastian Krol)
    • Replaced "moo" program with one that emits an error instructing users 📦 to use backend-specific dbmigrations packages
    • ➕ Added missing test data files to package
    • Removed DBM_DATABASE_TYPE environment variable in favor of backend 📦 selection by use of backend-specific packages
    • Allow DBM_TIMESTAMP_FILENAMES to be set via environment variable (thanks Alexander Lippling)

Previous changes from v1.1.1

    • 👌 Improve configuration validation error messages and clean up validation routine
    • 👍 Reinstate support for GHC 7.8


    • ➕ Add support for MySQL databases (thanks Ollie Charles 👀 [email protected]). Please see MOO.TXT for a disclaimer about this 🔋 feature!


    • ➕ Added support for (optionally) adding timestamps to generated migration filenames (thanks Matt Parsons [email protected])
      • Adds flag for time stamp on file names
      • Adds configuration for timestamping filenames
    • ➕ Added new "linear migrations" feature (thanks Jakub Fijałkowski [email protected], Andrew Martin [email protected]). This 🔋 feature is an optional alternative to the default behavior: rather than 0️⃣ prompting the user for dependencies of new migrations (the default behavior), linear mode automatically selects dependencies for new migrations such that they depend on the smallest subset of migrations necessary to (effectively) depend on all existing migrations, thus 👀 "linearizing" the migration sequence. See MOO.TXT for details.
    • 🔧 Configuration file loading now defaults to "moo.cfg" in the CWD if --config-file is not specified, and environment variables override settings in the config file