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  • v1.15.3 Changes

    • L0neGamer Fixing behind the scenes for hackage
  • v1.15.2 Changes

    • L0neGamer Adding some utility and fixing some versions in place
  • v1.15.1 Changes

  • v1.15.0 Changes

    • 📚 Annwan Implemented optional localization for application commands. [..]LocalizedName and [..]LocalizedDescription fields have been added to many ADTs (Discord documentation)

    • ⚡️ L0neGamer Removed applicationCommandDefaultPermission from ApplicationCommand, replaced it with applicationCommandDefaultMemberPermissions and applicationCommandDMPermission (Discord changelog)

    • 🚚 yutotakano Implemented session-specific Resume URLs for the Gateway internally, which will prevent disconnects in the future (Discord changelog). Also removed the deprecated list of private channels received in Ready event.

    • 🛰 L0neGamer Implemented maximum and minimum string lengths for application command options (Discord changelog). Also implemented calculated context permissions for interaction payloads (Discord changelog)

    • 👍 L0neGamer Simplified internals of JSON creation using objectFromMaybes and .=?. Support aeson-2.0

    • yutotakano Loosened some acceptable version bounds for http-client, req and http-api-data, that were added with 1.14.0

  • v1.14.0 Changes

    • 👻 degustaf Add Exception instance for RestCallErrorCode

    • 📜 yutotakano Replace JuicyPixels image parsing with a mimetype check. Make image handling consistent: use parseStickerImage fro sticker images. Use parseAvatarImage for avatars.

    • L0neGamer Make webhook API smaller, each constructor takes in a Maybe WebhookToken. Passing Nothing will continue to work as normal.

    • 📚 Annwan Huge documentation flourish. Removed deprecated AppCommandPermissions func & fix presences typo

    • 🚚 yutotakano Replace OverwriteId with Either RoleId UserId in ChannelPermission requests, and remove the type field from ChannelPermissionsOpts

  • v1.13.0 Changes

  • v1.12.5 Changes

    • Annwan Add ScheduledEvent rest API

    • L0neGamer Add stickers API

    • L0neGamer Add ModifyGuildMember 'timeout' option

  • v1.12.4 Changes

    • 🖨 Library won't crash if something fails to parse. Errors are printed to the log
  • v1.12.3 Changes

    • ➕ Add another CreateMessage flag option, stop crashing on unknown flags.
  • v1.12.2 Changes

    • L0neGamer EditMessage takes full MessageDetailedOpts (instead of Embed)

    • ✂ Removed CreateMessageUploadFile (use CreateMessageDetailed { MessageDetailedOpts { messageDetailedFile } })