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License: BSD 3-clause "New" or "Revised" License
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This library provides a typeclass replacement for 'GHC.Enum.Enum' called 'Discrete'. The motivation for 'Discrete' is that Enum, to paraphrase David Feuer, is a typeclass that does too many things, and does them poorly.

The laws of 'Discrete' are simple:

A discrete type is a set X with at least one element, along with two functions, succ :: X -> Maybe X, and pred :: X -> Maybe X, such that the following hold:

Succ retracts pred: pred >=> succ >=> pred = pred, Pred retracts succ: succ >=> pred >=> succ = succ, For any (x : A), all values in X can be constructed with only x, succ, and pred.

This means that 'Int' is a discrete type, because given any x : Int, one can construct any other Int with succ x = x + 1, and pred x = x - 1.

This also means that 'Double' is not a discrete type, because given any x : Double, one cannot construct any and all Doubles with any non-arbitrary and/or meaningful 'succ' and 'pred'1.

(1): Given (.5 : Double), how would one define 'succ' and 'pred' such that one can "reach" both values (1 : Double) and (π : Double)?