duckling v0.2.X.X Release Notes

  • Core

    • 👉 Make isRangeValid behave differently based on lang
    • ➕ Add custom isRangeValid implementation for ZH


    • CA (Catalan)

      • AmountOfMoney: new!
      • Distance: new!
      • Duration: new!
      • Temperature: new!
      • Time: new!
      • Volume: new!
    • EN (English)

      • Time: Allow latent match for <part-of-day> <latent-time-of-day>
      • Time: Avoid parsing phrases like 'two five' as times
      • Time: Add support to parse spelled-out times like 'five-thirty'
    • ES (Spanish)

      • Numeral: Fix parsing for hundreds phrases like doscientos tres
      • Numeral: Add support for thousands and millions
    • RU (Russian)

      • Duration: Diminutives for minutes and hours
      • Duration: quarters of an hour
      • Duration: added 'сутки' (24-hour period)
      • Duration: use coarsest reasonable grain for <positive-non-integer> <time-grain>