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A simple templating system for files and directories

Assuming you have a directory ~/.templates/post:

$ tree ~/.templates/
└── post
    ├── author
    │   ├── file.md
    │   └── ??name2?.md
    ├── ?env?LANGUAGE?.md
    └── ??name?.md

2 directories, 4 files

Go into a new directory and execute new post:

$ new post
Please give a value for 'name': Hello 
Please give a value for 'name2': World

$ tree
├── author
│   ├── file.md
│   └── World.md
├── en_US.md
└── Hello.md

1 directory, 4 files


How it works

It accepts one argument dir and then looks up either ~/.templates/dir/, or %APPDATA%/dir/. It then substitutes

  • ??xxx? by asking the user: Please give a value for 'xxx':
  • ?env?xxx? by reading the environment variable xxx

in both filenames and file contents, then copying the files into the current directory (if that introduces slashes in a file name, it will happily split the filename into directory structure). This tool works best with other simple tools like sos and [shake](shakebuild.com) in my experience.

Possible issues

  1. It should work on Windows, but that has not been tested.
  2. There are no unit tests.


Contributions are always welcome, as long as they:

  • Keep it simple
  • Work cross-platform

Possible candidates include:

  • Testing
  • Adding new variable resources (git config, etc.)