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FITS - Flexible Image Transport System

This project focuses on building a Haskell native parser for FITS files. This file format is used widely by Astronomers and those analyzing astronomical data. There is currently a C library called fitsio and a Haskell wrapper for the library. However, this library can be cumbersome to use and the Haskell bindings are very thin and close to the metal of the fitsio library. This project focuses on providing good Haskell bindings and datatypes by implementing the FITS spec directly in Haskell, without the need for a C library. The reference for this work comes from NASA in the US. Conformance is currently limited to the Version 4.0 specification with no extensions. See the NASA site for more details and to download the spec.

Reading Documentation

The readthedocs pages contain documentation for the examples. The API Haddock docs for the master branch are on github.io, release documentation will be on Hackage.

You can build the Haddocks for offline use with stack build --haddock.

RTD Building

To build the readthedocs docs you need sphinx. To install it locally for a single user use pip with the --user option to install sphinx and sphinx-rtd-theme. Alternatively, on Ubuntu you can install the python3-sphinx and python3-sphinx-rtd-theme package.