fused-effects v1.0.2.2 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-06-16 // about 2 months ago
    • ➕ Adds support for ghc 8.10 & base 4.14. (#376)

Previous changes from v1.0.2.0

    • ➕ Adds a state operation for the State effect. (#353)

    • ➕ Adds a function reassociating sums leftwards to Control.Effect.Sum. (#354)

    • Inlines inj. (#354)

    • ➕ Adds labelled effects in Control.Effect.Labelled. Labelled effects allow flexible disambiguation and dependency for parametric effects, enabling better type inference, restricted usage, and associated type parameters. (#354)

    • ➕ Adds labelled interface for Reader and State effects in Control.Effect.Reader.Labelled and Control.Effect.State.Labelled. The functions in this interface are identical to their parent effect save that they accept a label parameter as an explicit type argument, suitable for use with an explicit type application; this can clean up code that would otherwise need an invocation of runUnderLabel to associate a labelled operation with its label. (#354)

    • ➕ Adds a sendIO operation for the Lift IO effect. (#360)

    • Inlines the Reader operations. (#347)