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  • v2.17.2-release

    May 21, 2016
  • v2.17.1 Changes

    • Included with GHC 8.0.1

    • Fixed Makefile for GHC installation

    • Fixed clean rule of GHC Makefile

  • v2.17.0 Changes

    • Support typesetting of mathematical expressions via Mathjax (#397)

    • Describe orphan instances defined in a module in its documentation (#449)

    • Produce specialized type signatures for typeclass methods (#425)

    • Support GCC-like response files (#470)

  • v2.16.2 Changes

    • Generate hyperlinked source ourselves (#410, part of GSOC 2015)

    • Fix expansion icon for user-collapsible sections (#412)

    • Break up response file arguments on newlines

    • Various HTML fixes (#301, #406, #407, #421)

    • Line anchors in hyperlinked source (#420)

  • v2.16.1 Changes

    • Don't default to type constructors for out-of-scope names (#253 and


    • Fix Hoogle display of constructors (#361)

    • Fully qualify names in Hoogle instances output (#263)

    • Output method documentation in Hoogle backend (#259)

    • Don't print instance safety information in Hoogle (#168)

    • Expand response files in arguments (#285)

    • Build the main executable with -threaded (#399)

    • Use SrcSpan of declarations for inferred type sigs (#207)

    • Fix cross-module instance locations (#383)

    • Fix alignment of Source link for instances in Firefox (#384)

  • v2.16.0 Changes

    • Experimental collapsible header support (#335)

    • Add support for markdown links and images

    • Allow an optional colon after the closing bracket of definition lists. This is to disambiguate them from markdown links and will be require with a future release.

    • Fix re-exports of built-in type families (#310)

    • Fix parsing of infix identifiers such as elem.

    • Print missing docs by default and add --no-print-missing-docs

    • parser: now parses out some meta data too, breaking the API

    • parser: markdown syntax for images and URLs is now accepted: <> style for images and style for links is now considered deprecated. for links is still OK.

    • parser: add support for @since element: this is paragraph-level element of the form ‘@since x.y.z’ where x.y.z is the version number. The way it is rendered is subject to change.

    • properly render package ID (not package key) in index (#329)

    • links to source location of class instance definitions

    • Fix code blocks in presence of Windows line endings

    • Deal better with long synopsis lines (#151)

  • v2.15.0 Changes

    • Always read in prologue files as UTF8 (#286 and Cabal #1721)

    • parser: don't wrap headers in DocParagraph (#307)

    • parser: don't mangle append order for nested lists (pandoc #1346)

    • parser: preserve list ordering in certain scenarios (#313)

    • parser: update the attoparsec version used internally giving slight parsing performance boost.

    • Move development to be against latest GHC release and not GHC HEAD.

    • Further split up the package to separate the executable from the library, necessary by things like GHCJS. We now have ‘haddock-library’ which are the parts that don't use GHC API, ‘haddock-api’ which are (some of) the parts that do use GHC API and ‘haddock’ which merely provides the executable.

    • Export few extra functions in the API.

    • Add compatibility with GHC 7.8.2.

    • Omit unnecessary ‘forall’s (#315 and #86)

    • Remove some files which were really old or did not belong in the repository in the first place.

  • v2.14.3 Changes

    • Fix parsing of identifiers with ^ or ⋆ in them (#298)

    • Fix anchors (#308)

  • v2.14.2 Changes

    • Always drop --split-objs GHC flag for performance reasons (#292)

    • Print kind signatures GADTs (#85)

    • Drop single leading whitespace when reasonable from @-style blocks (#201)

    • Fix crashes associated with exporting data family record selectors (#294)

  • v2.14.1 Changes

    • Render * and -> with their UnicodeSyntax equivalents if -U is enabled

    • Display minimal complete definitions for type classes

    • Hide right hand side of TF instances with hidden names on the RHS