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This module aims to approximate the functionality of WordPress shortcodes for Hakyll sites.


Shortcodes are strings of the form

[tag attr1='val1' attr2='val2' ... attrN='valN']

that you sprinkle throughout your markdown (between two blank lines) and which get "expanded" at compile time. What "expanded" means depends on the type of shortcode, that is, the tag. Shortcodes can expand into anything, but mostly they're used to embed stuff like youtube videos into web pages.


If you're using Hakyll, after installing this package add the line

import Hakyll.Shortcode

to your list of module imports. Then, in any compiler where you want shortcodes expanded, add a >>= applyShortcodes allServices. For example, here's a compiler for my web page.

matchClasses :: Rules ()
matchClasses = match "classes/**" $ do
  route $ setExtension "html"
  compile $ pandocMathCompiler
    >>= applyShortcodes allServices -- woo! shortcodes!
    >>= loadAndApplyTemplate
          "templates/default.html" postCtx
    >>= relativizeUrls

That allServices token has type [ShortcodeService], and it specifies which shortcodes we want expanded. (In this case, all of them.) But you can define your own list here; see the Hakyll.Shortcodes module for a list of services.

Then in your markdown say something like

[youtube id='dQw4w9WgXcQ']

And this will expand into a proper iframe, wrapped in a div of class youtube-container so you can style it with CSS.

Note that each shortcode must be on its own line, and must be between two blank lines. Otherwise it won't work!


We try really hard to validate input and sanitize the rendered HTML. But this library is not well tested yet (working on it!), so be careful before using this with untrusted input.

The Shortcodes


See the API docs for more info.

Key Values (Default) Description
id The id of the video to be embedded.
class youtube-container Class of the div wrapping an iframe; for CSS.
height Height of the iframe.
width Width of the iframe.
start A counting number Start time, in seconds, from the beginning.
end A counting number
origin The domain+scheme where the iframe is embedded
list Comma separated list of video IDs
autoplay yes, (no) If yes, automatically start after loading.
show-related yes, (no) If yes, show related videos at the end.
loop yes, (no) If yes, loop the video or playlist
disable-keyboard yes, (no) If yes, disable keyboard shortcuts for video controls
show-fullscreen (yes), no If no, do not enable the fullscreen button
show-info yes, no
play-inline yes, no
show-logo yes, no
show-annotations yes, no
enable-js-api yes, no
captions show, default Show closed captions automatically, or defer to client.
show-controls never, onload, onplay
color red, white
list-type playlist, search, user-uploads


Key Values (Default) Description
class geogebra-container Class of the div wrapping an iframe; for CSS.
color hex color code
show-input-bar yes, no
show-style-bar yes, no
show-menu-bar yes, no
show-tool-bar yes, no
show-reset-icon yes, no
click-to-load yes, no
allow-right-click yes, no
drag-labels yes, no
allow-pan-zoom yes, no


Key Values (Default) Description
class gravatar-container Class of the div wrapping an iframe; for CSS.
default 404,mystery,
force-default yes, no
rating g, pg, r, x