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The libgtk+ (Gtk+ v2) Back-End Provider for the Happlets Framework

WARNING: There are still some known bugs in this package, it is being uploaded to Hackage for evaluation purposes only. Although it is being actively developed, there is no release schedule for a production-ready version of this package. Contributions to the repository on GitHub are welcome.

This packages provides the Gtk+ v2 back-end to the "happlets" GUI framework. To create a Gtk+ applet, import the "Happlets.Lib.Gtk" module. "Happlets.Lib.Gtk" re-exports the "Happlets" module, so you can use all of the primitives provided by the "Happlets" module to construct your applet. In your "main" function, launch the main event loop by passing the 'Happlets.Lib.Gtk.gtkHapplet' function as the "Provider" either to the 'Happlets.Initialize.happlet' function or to the 'Happlets.Initialize.simpleHapplet' function.

For an example of how to program your own Happlet, run the "cabal configure" command with the "--enable-tests" flag set. This will build the "Happlets.Lib.Gtk.TestSuite" executable program. Refer to the source code for "TestSuite" to see how the application is structured.

The goal of the Happlets project is to allow you to create very simple, thread-safe applications that contain nothing more than a single window with a drawing canvas that can respond to user input events, like mouse clicks, key-presses, or frame animation events. The intention is to create a minimal programming platform for small, single-purpose graphical applications which simply displays some interactive graphic, for example a plot of some data, or a simple game. Naturally, the Happlet program can be arbitrarily complex, but it may be better to consider other, FRP-based solutions if managing events becomes too difficult.

Please refer to the Happlets package on the Hackage website:


Known Bugs

The 'Happlets.GUI.CanBufferImages' type class has not been tested at all, and in fact I am evaluating the possibility of rewriting the implementation to make use of Cairo "Surfaces" rather than Gtk+ "PixMaps" as the means by which to buffer off-screen images.

Another bug is in the screen refresh. Every time the graphics in the window change, the entire window is re-blitted, which is very inefficient. The code for selectively blitting only the changed portion of the window has not been implemented yet.