capnp v0.3.0.0 Release Notes

    • Instances of some type classes are no longer generated for "second class" types (i.e. types which cannot appear as stand-alone definitions in schema files -- groups and unions).
    • has_* functions are now only generated for pointer fields.
    • Various non-functional changes in the output of the code generator.
    • We now generate constants for (most) pointer types; previously constants defined in a schema would not result in any generated code ([#41][issue41]).
    • The set_* functions now check if the arguments are in the same message, and copy if need be ([#34][issue34]).
    • MutMsg is now an instance of Eq.
    • The HasMessage class from Data.Capnp.Untyped is now a type family, rather than a multi-parameter type class. This improves inference and removes some superfluous generalization.
    • The module Data.Capnp.Pure has been folded into Data.Capnp. If you were previously using the Text and Data type aliases it exported, you should instead use Text from Data.Text and ByteString from Data.ByteString; the Text and Data exported by Data.Capnp are types from the low-level API.