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This is the source for a debugger used in Haskell plugin for IntelliJ IDEA.

Command line arguments

HaskellDebugger accepts specific arguments:

  • -m<file> - load file as main module (required)
  • -p<port> - connect debug output stream to localhost:port (if not set, debug output is set to stdout)
  • -i<path> - add given path as a directory with source files
  • -pkg<package> - load given package as a dependency

Debugger commands

Commands are mostly the same as that which are used in ghci.

  • :? - show list of available commands
  • :break <mod> <l> - set a breakpoint for module <mod> at the line <l>
  • :breakindex <mod> <i> - set a breakpoint with index <i> for module <mod>
  • :breaklist <mod> - show all available breakpoints (index and span) for module <mod>
  • :breaklist <mod> <l> - show all breakpoints containing line <l> for module <mod>
  • :continue - resume after a breakpoint
  • :delete <mod> <ind> - delete the breakpoint with index <ind> from module <mod>
  • :force <expr> - print <expr>, forcing unevaluated parts
  • :history - after :trace, show the execution history
  • :sprint <name> - prints a value without forcing its computation
  • :step - single-step after stopping at a breakpoint
  • :steplocal - single-step within the current top-level binding
  • :trace <expr> - evaluate <expr> with tracing on (see :history)
  • :type <expr> - show the type of <expr>
  • :eval <int> <expr> - evaluates <expr> ((<int> > 0) => forced evaluation)
  • :set <flag> - sets given flag, available flags:
    • -fbreak-on-error
    • -fbreak-on-exception
  • :unset <flag> - unsets given flag
  • :breakinfo - pretty printing for current BreakInfo
  • :q - exit debugger