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Would you like to have nice, up-to-date license/copyright headers in your source code files but hate to manage them by hand? Then Headroom is the right tool for you! Now you can define your license header as Mustache template, put all the variables (such as author's name, year, etc.) into the YAML config file and Headroom will take care to add such license headers to all your source code files.


Main Features

  • License Header Management - allows to add, replace or drop license headers in source code files.
  • Flexible Header Detection - you can even replace or drop license headers that weren't generated by Headroom, as they are automatically detected from source code files, not from template files.
  • Fully Customizable - would you like to put empty lines before/after header? Or use different style of comments for your headers? No problem, you can change this in configuration. Headroom, as they are automatically detected from source code files, not from template files.
  • Template Generator - generates license header templates for most popular open source licenses. You can use these as-is, customize them or ignore them and use your custom templates.
  • Automatic Initialization - using the Init command, Headroom can detect what source code files you have in your project and generate initial configuration file and appropriate template skeletons.

Planned Features

  • [#25] Content-aware Templates - license header templates will be able to extract some template variables from source code file for which the template is rendered


Here is the list of projects using Headroom. If you're using Headroom and aren't on the list, feel free to submit new issue or pull request.


*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the headroom README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.