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Programming language: Haskell
License: BSD 3-clause "New" or "Revised" License
Tags: Development    
Latest version: v0.0.2

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Happy Haskell Programming

The Happy Haskell Programming (HHP) package includes the hhpc command, the hhpi command, the HHP library, and Emacs front-end.

The hhpc command and hhpi command are backend commands to enrich Haskell programming on editors. hhpc and hhpi are based on the HHP library which is a wrapper of GHC API and Cabal.

Emacs front-end is an extension of Haskell mode. It enables to complete Haskell symbols and to browse documents of modules. Syntax error highlighting with GHC/Hlint is also integrated. Moreover, you are free from import hell.

Supported GHC and Cabal

  • GHC 8.0 - Cabal 1.24
  • GHC 8.2 - Cabal 2.0
  • GHC 8.4 - Cabal 2.2
  • GHC 8.6 - Cabal 2.4
  • GHC 8.8 - Cabal 3.0
  • GHC 8.10 - Cabal 3.2

Build Status

Installation and Usage

  • [Installation](doc/install.md)
  • [The hhpc command](doc/hhpc.md)
  • [The hhpi command](doc/hhpi.md)
  • [Emacs front-end](doc/emacs.md)

Copyright and license

Copyright of this package belongs to IIJ Innovation Institute Inc. This package is available under [BSD3 license](LICENSE).

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the hhp README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.