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  • v1.18 Changes

    June 07, 2020
    • πŸ†• new example scripts:

      • hledger-combine-balances.hs, hledger-balance-as-budget.hs (Dmitry Astapov)
      • hledger-check-tag-files.hs, hledger-check-tag-files2.hs
    • more CSV rule examples: coinbase, waveapp

    • πŸ†• new CI (continuous integration) system using Github Actions. Thanks to Travis and Appveyor for their service to date. Improvements:

      • one CI service instead of several
      • more closely integrated with code repo
      • tests run on the three main platforms (linux, mac, windows)
      • harmless commits are ignored automatically ([ci skip] no longer needed for doc commits)
      • scheduled and on-demand testing (push to master, push to ci-* branches, pull request, weekly)
      • now tested: all GHC versions, doctests, haddock building
      • new shortcut url:
  • v1.17.1 Changes

    March 19, 2020


  • v1.17.1.1 Changes

    March 19, 2020


  • v1.17 Changes

    March 01, 2020
    • hledger-install: re-enable installation of hledger-iadd & hledger-interest.

    • hledger-install: bump minimum stack version to 1.9.1 1.7.1 fails with deps using newer cabal file syntax I believe.

    • ⚑️ hledger-install: always do stack update, to help ensure we get the latest packages.

    • πŸ“œ examples: Add a basic example of rule parsing for the output of csb2format. (Evilham) csb2format deals with the CSB43/AEB43 format, which all banks operating in Spain must support. Having these example rules enables easens bootstraping for users with a Spanish bank account.

    • doc: simpler, clearer structure in the manuals and sidebar

    • doc: a new Quick Start page

    • doc: a new Common Tasks section in the hledger manual

    • doc: a new invoicing how-to:

    • doc: Fix dead pointer in contributing (Aleksandar Dimitrov)

    • πŸ— doc: Fix build badges for Travis and AppVeyor (Rui Chen)

  • v1.17-hackage Changes

    March 02, 2020


  • v1.16 Changes

    December 01, 2019
    • βž• add support for GHC 8.8, base-compat 0.11 (#1090)

    • ⬇️ drop support for GHC 7.10

    • βž• add descriptions to most issue tracker labels

    • now redirects to a more readable/useful url

  • v1.15 Changes

    September 01, 2019
    • install: bump to lts-14.4, hledger 1.15, drop hledger-api

    • ⬆️ bump versions to 1.15

    • api: drop from Shake scripts

    • πŸ†• new unified website: now has its own git repo, has absorbed the github wiki, and is generated with Sphinx.

    • 🌐 hledger-api's functionality is now included in hledger-web, and the hledger-api package is mothballed.

    • ⚑️ updated, now also works on FreeBSD 12 (zieone)

    • bin/ addon scripts: hledger-swap-dates added; hledger-check, hledger-smooth updated. (#1072)

    • ⚑️ shell-completion/ scripts: updated (Jakob SchΓΆttl)

    • πŸ”§ github: FUNDING.yml / sponsor button configured

    • site: Wine option added to download page

    • ⚑️ tools: generatejournal updates: vary amount, make reports with fewer zeroes, start from a fixed year to keep tests stable, also generate P records. (#999)

    • ⚑️ tools: make, shake, CI: misc. updates

    • βœ… doc: add a README for the functional tests, linked from contrib guide

    • hledger-makeitso has been renamed to hledger-flow (Andreas Pauley)

    • 🐳 The hledger docker image is now based on the "haskell" image (Dmitry Astapov)

  • v1.14 Changes

    March 01, 2019
    • ⚑️ website: now uses https, home page updates, download page improved package list with status badges. Also the github wiki pages are now rendered as part of, like the main site pages (with pandoc markdown and tables of contents). Building the site now requires that a copy of the wiki is checked out under wiki/.

    • 🚚 bash completion support: removed duplicate options, added new options, stopped listing -h as a command, added some completion for external addon commands.

    • πŸš€ release automation improvements

    • πŸ‘‰ makefile cleanups; make site-liverender helps with local site preview

  • v1.13 Changes

    January 02, 2019
    • 🐳 packaging: A docker image providing the main hledger tools is now linked on the download page. This is another way to get up-to-date hledger tools without building them yourself (and, a way to run hledger-ui on windows ?) (Dmitry Astapov, Simon Michael)

    • fix installation of stack when .local/bin is not in PATH (Dmitry Astapov)

    • πŸ›  doc: fixed pandoc typography conversion in web manuals. Eg -- was being rendered as en-dash. (#954).


    • 🚚 developer docs have moved from the wiki into (#920)

    • πŸ†• new streamlined changelog update process. Shake targets:

      ./Shake changelogs ./Shake ./Shake ./Shake PKG/ ./Shake PKG/

    update the project-wide and/or package changelogs, inserting new commits (touching the respective directory, since the tag version or commit hash which is the first word in the changelog's previous top heading) at the top, formatted as changelog entries.

    • πŸ— ./Shake PKG - builds a package plus its embedded docs. ./Shake build - builds all the packages and their embedded docs. ("stack build PKG" does not notice changes in embedded doc files.)

    • πŸ‘‰ make ghci-shake - loads Shake.hs in ghci

    • πŸ‘‰ make tags - includes doc source files, hpack/cabal files, Shake.hs

    • πŸ’» make site-livereload - opens a reloading browser view on the website html (requires livereloadx)

    • βž• added a Dockerfile and helper scripts (Dmitry Astapov)

    • doc files and hpack/cabal files are included in TAGS again

  • v1.12

    December 02, 2018