hledger v1.21 Release Notes

Release Date: 2021-03-10 // 9 months ago
    • ⚡️ roi has a new cookbook doc, and example files have been updated. (Dmitry Astapov)

    • Example CSV rules for the Daedalus wallet have been added.

    • 0️⃣ The default stackage resolver/GHC version has been bumped to lts-17.4/ghc-8.10.4.

    • tools/generatejournal now includes more commodities and prices in generated journals. (Stephen Morgan)

    • ✅ Our functional tests now also run on BSD. (#1434, Felix Van der Jeugt)

    • ➕ Addon scripts in bin/ have been updated for latest hledger API (Stephen Morgan).

    • ➕ Addon scripts are now compiled as part of our CI tests, and always with the same version of hledger source they were shipped with. We now require script users to check out the hledger source tree and run the scripts (or, bin/compile.sh) from there. This keeps users and tests in sync, making things more reliable for everyone. (#1453)

    • Last but not least, hledger's bash completions (provided in ./shell-completions/) have been thoroughly updated (#1404, #1410, Vladimir Zhelezov).

    "This was supposed to be just a fix for #1404 but upon visiting the source several issues became apparent and that is why the commit grew a bit more than expected. A complete list of changes below:

    • Fix #1404. No more orphaned temporary directories. Commands, options, etc. that used to be stored in there are included at build-time as here documents in the source.

    • Fix artifacts in /tmp after build. Upon fixing the above I became aware that the build itself was leaving behind a heap of artifacts in /tmp that were not taken care of with a make clean. Fixed by using temporary files and directories in the build directory. Makefile and build scripts adjusted.

    • Produce command aliases. Regular expressions in build scripts changed to produce all command aliases except single letter ones (see below)

    • Do not propose single letters completions. It is simply not useful and adds a lot of noise. It makes completion slower as well because you need to hit yes on the prompt: Display all 200 possibilities? (y or n) output-options.sh now excludes those.

    • Query filters simplified. Keep only the prefix of the filter with the colon in query-filters.txt. This change has two reasons:

    • Single letter completions are not useful (see above). It allows for completion suggestions specific to each Bonus reason: it's a completion engine, not a user manual. Fix completion impacts on global environment The completion script was making a couple of changes to the global environment which had an impact for the rest of the shell session.

    • set -o pipefail: the change is hidden from the user and could lead to subtle errors throughout the shell session. COMP_WORDBREAKS=" ": this affects subsequent completions for us and other programs too. I exclude the colon : from its value and use compopt -o filenames to handle escaping of special characters for us. I would like to find a solution without messing with COMP_WORDBREAKS but it is not straight forward.

    • Fix hiding of legit subcommands. Completion was hiding all possibilities if a subcommand happens to be the prefix of another. On typing balance, one should be proposed balancesheet and balancesheetequity as well.

    • Return early. Try to complete depending on the current context and return immediately if successful. Keep completion list relevant and as short as possible.

    • Context aware completion

      Add handlers for option parameter completion, see _hledger_compreply_optarg() Add handlers for query filters:, see _hledger_compreply_query() Use --file and --rules-file arguments when proposing completions for the above, see _hledger() Propose only top level accounts at first. Again, keep it short and focused. Custom compgen wrapper compgen is fairly complicated. There is no way to feed it a word list with literals. It will mangle your input in so many ways that we cannot trust it. To work around this several wrappers are used: _hledger_compgen() works with _hledger_quote_by_ref() to process and escape newline separated input which is then fed to compgen and finally in COMPREPLY through _hledger_compreply() and _hledger_compreply_append(). It sounds messy and I guess it is, I would like to find a more straight forward way to do it. I think it is still a way better and safer interface with readline than trying to grep our way through.

    • Replace declare with local. Again, this script is sourced by the shell -- keep variable scopes as narrow as possible. Oops, they are actually synonymous when used in a function but local declares our intentions explicitly.

    • Use compopt -o nosort. Often I resort to using it to keep different groups of completions together. Whether this is more ergonomic or not is subjective. But our input lists are already sorted at build-time so why not. Sort manually query-filters.txt when editing it.

    • Remove irrelevant comments. And add some new ones :)

    I think that is all. Give it a spin, try to abuse it, in and outside of quotes, with some funky accounts, payees, tags, whatever, and tell me where it breaks or behaves unexpectedly."