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License: BSD 3-clause "New" or "Revised" License
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🥦 Brotli compression for Haskell 🥦

Brotli is a compression format that can achieve higher compression ratios and compress faster than gzip and deflate. It is supported natively by all modern browsers.

This monorepo contains:

  • Primitive FFI bindings to Google's official C API
  • Higher level strict, lazy, and streaming compression and decompression interfaces.
  • Convenience wrappers for the popular Conduit, Pipes libraries
  • WAI middleware to quickly drop in support for Haskell web applications.

All of these projects are still alpha quality, so use at your own risk.


These libraries are not currently uploaded to Hackage, you can add them to your stack.yaml:

- location:
    git: https://github.com/iand675/brotli
  - brotli
  - brotli-conduit
  - wai-middleware-brotli
  extra-dep: true

You will also need to install the C library >= 0.6 in a location where pkg-config can find it. You can run pkg-config --static --libs --cflags libbrotlienc to see if it's installed appropriately.

You can find the C library here.

Or install from your package manager:

Platform Installation Command
MacOS brew install brotli
Ubuntu Xenial apt-get install brotli


All of the base brotli package high level bindings are functional, but it's possible that error cases could presently cause memory leaks. Any contributions that find and/or fix these situations would be very welcome.

More documentation examples are always welcome.

streaming-brotli and pipes-brotli aren't really actually implemented yet.

It would be great to have benchmarks in place to compare compression performance with Haskell's gzip bindings.


Please use hint and hindent on pull requests prior to opening them up. If fixing any bugs, please implement regression test cases.

If you have node installed locally, you can run npm install or yarn install to set up shared git hooks to to automate these validations.

Please respect and follow the [Code of Conduct](docs/CODE_OF_CONDUCT.md)