jbi v0.2.0.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2018-02-07 // about 5 years ago
    • ➕ Add a --version (and -V) flag to the executable.

    • jbi repl now takes an optional --repl-opts which is passed through to the underlying REPL (e.g. ghci).

      • No longer supply -ferror-spans by default.
    • 🖨 A --debug argument prints out all commands run.

      This results in many API changes; as a sample:

      • GlobalEnv has been renamed to ToolEnv
      • A Config type is now provided for run-time configuration. This is now taken by most of the running commands.
      • Env wraps the above two types and is an argument to most BuildTool commands.
    • 👍 Try and support benchmarking with cabal+nix where possible.

      API change: the NixSupport type now contains information about nix-instantiate.

    • 👍 Better support for getting targets from stack.

    • 🏗 If a build tool needs the version to check validity it has to explicitly obtain it.

      API Changes:

      • Change in canUseCommand in BuildTool class
      • Change in command field in Valid data structure
      • Change in canUseMode in CabalMode class
      • Addition of needsMinCabal to CabalMode class
    • Other small tweaks to reduce the overhead of using jbi over the build tool itself (parallel validity checking, etc.).

Previous changes from v0.1.0.0

    • 🚀 First version. Released on an semi-suspecting world.