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Transforms JSON objects into delimiter-separated line-oriented output, which is more convenient for downstream processing with Unix tools like grep, awk, diff, etc. Also useful for converting JSON data into spreadsheet data: CSV-style output is supported.



  "title": "Terminator 2: Judgment Day",
  "year": 1991,
  "stars": [
      "name": "Arnold Schwarzenegger"
      "name": "Linda Hamilton"
  "ratings": {
    "imdb": 8.5
  "title": "Interstellar",
  "year": 2014,
  "stars": [
      "name": "Matthew McConaughey"
      "name": "Anne Hathaway"
  "ratings": {
    "imdb": 8.9

Note that this input is not actually JSON at the top-level. It is a stream of JSON objects. It can be fed into jsontsv:

jsontsv 'title year stars.name ratings.imdb' < input

outputs this tab-separated text:

Terminator 2: Judgment Day  1991    Arnold Schwarzenegger,Linda Hamilton    8.5
Interstellar    2014    Matthew McConaughey,Anne Hathaway   8.9

You can pick off array elements using [i] syntax:

jsontsv 'title year stars[0].name' < input


Terminator 2: Judgment Day     1991    Arnold Schwarzenegger
Interstellar    2014    Matthew McConaughey

Use the -H flag to output the headers and the Unix tool column to align the columns for prettier output:

cat input | jsontsv -H 'title year stars.name ratings.imdb' | column -s $'\t' -t


title                       year  stars.name                            ratings.imdb
Terminator 2: Judgment Day  1991  Arnold Schwarzenegger,Linda Hamilton  8.5
Interstellar                2014  Matthew McConaughey,Anne Hathaway     8.9

Mapping an array index getter over nested arrays

As of version, you can map an index getter over arrays, such as this

{"id":2,"cast":[["Michael Caine",13473],["Demi Moore",65231]]}

with this expression

jsontsv -a '|' 'id cast._[0]' < input

This results in:

2   Michael Caine|Demi Moore

Extracting 2-tuple values

From version, you can can access lists of pairs, e.g.


with the expression ["KEY"], e.g.:

jsontsv 'menu["dinner"]'
# => fish

jsontsv 'menu["dessert"]'
# => pie

jsontsv 'menu["drink"]'
# => null

This is useful because Data.Aeson emits Haskell 2-tuples in this format:

ghci> encode [("dinner", "fish"),("dessert","pie")]

Moreover, encoding 2-tuples is often preferable to encoding Data.Map.Map because encoding 2-tuples preserves ordering, whereas encoding Map does not.


Assuming you have a recent version of the Haskell platform on your system,

cabal update
cabal install jsontsv


git clone [email protected]:danchoi/jsontsv.git
cd jsontsv
cabal sandbox init
cabal install 
# Now copy .cabal-sandbox/bin/jsontsv to your PATH



Usage: jsontsv FIELDS [-a DELIM] ([-c|--csv] | [-d DELIM]) [-H]
               [-n|--null-string STRING] [-t|--true-string STRING]
               [-f|--false-string STRING] [-N|--newline STRING] [--debug]
  Transform JSON objects to TSV. On STDIN provide an input stream of
  whitespace-separated JSON objects.

Available options:
  -h,--help                Show this help text
  -a DELIM                 Concatentated array elem delimiter. Defaults to
  -c,--csv                 Output CSV
  -d DELIM                 Output field delimiter. Defaults to tab.
  -H                       Include headers
  -n,--null-string STRING  String to represent null value. Default: 'null'
  -t,--true-string STRING  String to represent boolean true. Default: 't'
  -f,--false-string STRING String to represent boolean false. Default: 'f'
  -N,--newline STRING      String to replace newlines in field text. Default: '
  --debug                  Debug keypaths

See https://github.com/danchoi/jsontsv for more information.

Input should be a stream of JSON objects of the same or mostly similar shape, separated by whitespace such as newlines. If the objects are wrapped in a JSON array at the top level or nested inside a top-level object, use the jq tool by Stephan Dolan to extract an object stream, e.g.:

curl -s "https://api.github.com/repos/rails/rails/issues" | 
jq -M '.[]' | 
jsontsv -H 'number title user.login state repository.name labels.name' 


number  title   user.login  state   repository.name labels.name
17894   Add default value for `create_table_definition` kamipo  open    null    
17893   Vendor/assets/images not being precompiled  runephilosof    open    null    
17891   Removed use of mocha in the info_controller tests   prathamesh-sonpatki open    null    
17887   Wrong instance object passed to lambda on has_many :through haruska open    null    
17885   Update postgresql_database_tasks.rb starbelly   open    null    
17884   Routes with {trailing_slash: true} do not match if referenced as non-named routes   dreyks  open    null    
17880   Fix humanize for already upcased acronyms   mintuhouse  open    null    activesupport
17879   humanize doesn't respect Infector acronyms  mintuhouse  open    null    activesupport
17864   eager loading a has_many through association ignores order of through association   jturkel open    null    
17859   Includes HABTM returns correct size now scambra open    null    
17858   test preloading a HABTM association with hash conditions    scambra open    null    
17854   Bug when using find_in_batches and reverse_order    robertjlooby    open    null    activerecord
17853   Remove deprecated `reset_changes` and `reset_attribute!` methods.   kaspth  open    null    
17851   Support for any type primary key    kamipo  open    null    
17845   Don't leak Object constants in core_ext/module/qualified_const  gsamokovarov    open    null    
17825   Fix Sidekiq ActiveJob integration setup aripollak   open    null    activejob
17824   AR::RecordNotSaved & RecordNotDestroyed from save!/destroy! should include an error message yuki24  open    null    
17822   Refactor `visit_ChangeColumnDefinition` kamipo  open    null    
17820   Clear query cache on rollback   fw42    open    null    
17819   handle_positional_args does not work properly in route with format: false option    vevisystems open    null    actionpack
17817   Hide potentially sensitive ActiveJob params from logs   aripollak   open    null    activejob
17815   Remove custom errors page section from the guides   yuki24  open    null    
17813   Changed welcome#index page overall look and feel    wazery  open    null    railties
17804   Null values will still be passed to custom serializers. xaviershay  open    null    activerecord
17797   Don't remove mailer layouts files   y-yagi  open    null    
17795   ActiveRecord joins/includes bug dgobaud open    null    activerecord,regression
17793   Fix undesirable RangeError by Type::Integer. Add Type::UnsignedInteger. kamipo  open    null    activerecord
17792   allow 'all' for :domain option in addition to :all  rockrep open    null    
17788   Issue#17703 Test case for tempfile attribute    sivagollapalli  open    null    
17787   rails runner does not respect subdirectory / how to specify subdirectory?   doits   open    null    railties

JSON leaf values are printed as follows:

  • Strings and numbers are copied to output.
  • Boolean values are output as t or f. You can changes this with the -t and -f options.
  • null is printed as null. You can change this with the -n option.
  • If the leaf value is an array, it is concatenated into a single comma-separated string. This delimiter can be changed with the -a option.

Newlines in content

If a string field in the JSON contains a \n or \r character, these will be replaced by spaces by default. The replacement character can be changed with the -N option.

Column header aliases

If the default column headers using -H are too long, you can designate aliases with the pattern [keypath]:[alias]. E.g.,

curl -s "https://api.github.com/repos/rails/rails/issues" | 
jq -M '.[]' | 
jsontsv -H 'number title user.login:login state repository.name:repo_name' 

Known alternatives

  • jsawk Jsawk is like awk, but for JSON. (nodejs)
  • json2csv made with Go
  • jq a lightweight and flexible command-line JSON processor
  • jsoncsv a json to csv library in javascript/coffeescript
  • json A free, in-browser JSON to CSV converter
  • tsvutils utilities for processing tab-separated files


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