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Programming language: Haskell
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Latest version: v0.4.4

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Table of Contents


Keiretsu is an orchestration manager primarily designed for local development and integration testing.

It allows you to specify dependencies that should be running/available before the start of the local application, triggers setup/teardown hooks, and applies a consistent environment to all child processes ensuring deterministic and repeatable configuration.


GHC 7.6.2 or later is required to compile Keiretsu.

cabal install


There are 3 configuration file formats which Keiretsu will read, controlling various aspects such as dependencies, processes, and the environment.

An example for a Haskell project named proxy with two dependencies, users and images would look as follows:

+ images/
|   + dist/
|   |   + build/
|   |   |   + images/
|   |   |       + images
|   + src/
|   |   + Main.hs
|   + .env
|   + Intfile
|   + Procfile
+ proxy/
|   + dist/
|   |   + build/
|   |   |   + proxy/
|   |   |       + proxy
|   + src/
|   |   + Main.hs
|   + .env
|   + Intfile
|   + Procfile
+ users/
    + dist/
    |   + build/
    |   |   + users/
    |   |       + users
    + src/
    |   + Main.hs
    + .env
    + Intfile
    + Procfile


The Intfile specifies project dependencies with a key: value line based format.

An example Intfile for the proxy service (from above) which specifies two dependencies on users and images:

users: ../users
images: ../images

This will make Keirestu recurse into those sub-directories and continue looking for the various configuration file types.


Keiretsu uses an identical format to foreman's Procfile to describe processes.

An example Procfile for the users service (from above) specifying both web and redis proctypes:

redis: redis-server --port $PORT
web: ./dist/build/web/web -p $PORT

This will make Keiretsu will start two processes for this dependency.

Proctypes are simply unique names used to identify the related command within a dependencies' scope. Currently multiline proctypes are not supported.


.env files are used to supplement the process environment with configuration values for a specific dependency.

Again, using the example project layout from above if the images service had a .env file in the project directory with the following:

IMAGES_TMP: /var/tmp/images-service

The key/value pairs would be loaded into the environment and available to all processes.


For any problems, comments or feedback please create an issue [here on GitHub](github.com/brendanhay/keiretsu/issues).


keiretsu is released under the Mozilla Public License Version 2.0

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the keiretsu README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.