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Programming language: Haskell
License: MIT License
Tags: Development    
Latest version: v1.0

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Lambdajudge Build Status Version on Hackage MIT License

Lambdajudge is a library to easily host programming contests in haskell. This work is done as a project in Functional Programming course.

How to use

import Lambdajudge

-- | Check if mueval is present, as lambdajudge needs mueval executable to run
check = muevalAvlbl --should return true. Only then can proceed using other functions.

-- | creating a sample Contest. input and output files are in the project directory
createContest :: IO Problem
createContest = do
    let dir = "test/contest1/Q1/"
    --Creating first problem of contest
    testCase1_1 <- getFileContents (dir </> "input00.txt")
    output1_1 <- getFileContents (dir </> "output00.txt")
    testCase2_2 <- getFileContents (dir </> "input02.txt")
    output2_2 <- getFileContents (dir </> "output02.txt")
    problemStatement1 <- getFileContents (dir </> "ProblemStatement1")
    problemSetterCode1 <- getFileContents (dir </> "Solution1/Solution.hs")
    --Creating second problem of contest
    testCase2_1 <- getFileContents (dir </> "input10.txt")
    output2_1 <- getFileContents (dir </> "output10.txt")
    testCase2_1 <- getFileContents (dir </> "input12.txt")
    output2_1 <- getFileContents (dir </> "output12.txt")
    problemStatement2 <- getFileContents (dir </> "ProblemStatement2")
    problemSetterCode2 <- getFileContents (dir </> "Solution2/Solution.hs")
    -- can further repeat to include more problems.
    let contest = [Problem problemStatement1 [(testCase1_1,output1_1),(testCase1_2,output1_2)] problemSetterCode1 5, 
                   Problem problemStatement2 [(testCase2_1,output2_1),(testCase2_2,output2_2)] problemSetterCode2 3]
    return contest

---run submitted solution on problem testcase
evaluate = do
            prob1 <- createContest!!1 -- evaluating on first problem of the contest
            runLJMonad $ gradeSubmission prob1 "SubmittedSolution.hs"


  • Submitted code is run in mueval, which avoids attacks like unsafePerformIO etc..
  • Only runs the "solution" function of type String -> String. Hence, code has to be pure. So Type safety ensures safety of execution.
  • provides logging and error handling for debugging purposes

Install from Hackage:

    $ cabal install Lambdajudge

Install from unpacked release tarball or source repo:

    $ cd Lambdajudge
    $ cabal install

Just play with it without installing:

    $ cabal build
    $ cabal repl

link to darcs repo

Team members

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the Lambdajudge README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.