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  • v0.5.2

  • v0.5.1 Changes

    • 📚 Documentation fixes and cleanup
  • v0.5 Changes

    • Do not use monadic lenses any more.
    • References with inherent identity (makes defining auto-sensitive buttons easier)
    • Lots of inner changes.
  • v0.3 Changes

    • ⚡️ Updated semantics which make possible onChange without an Eq constraint This semantics handles more tricky situations than the previous one.

    Interface changes:

    • Data.LensRef provides a restricted (and probably less confusing) interface The hidden functions can be accessed via Data.LensRef.Class
    • 📇 Renamed onChange combinators
    • onChange don't have the Eq constraint; there is an new onChangeEq function with the interface of the previous onChange function
    • Most of the methods of the MonadRegister type class went to the MonadRefCreator type class
    • Simplification: provide askPostpone instead of registerCallback
    • Correction references (still experimental)

    Implementation changes:

    • Completed fast implementation
    • 🐎 Fast implementation was tuned for performance It is now just ~10 times slower than IORefs.
    • The pure implementation is also quite fast now (but asymptotically slower than the fast implementation)
    • ✅ More test cases
    • 👉 Use Applicative instead of Monad in ReadRef where possible
    • Eliminate lens dependency, use a compatible custom module instead

    📚 Documentation:

    • Begin to write an introduction to state-based FRP (still under construction)
    • 📚 graphviz support for documentation
    • ➕ Added a criterion performance test
  • v0.2 Changes

    • 🏗 Do not always build tests
    • ✅ 'cabal test' support
    • 📦 Eliminate dependency on lens, operational and containers packages
    • ➕ Add lower bound to transformers package dependency
  • v0.1 Changes

    🎉 Initial separated version. 📦 The content of lensref was detached from the lgtk package on 10 May, 2014.

    Compared to the previously announced version, lgtk-0.5.3, the changes are the following:

    • Generalized and cleaned up interface
    • Cleand up pure implementation
    • First version of the fast implementation
    • Switch from data-lens to Edward Kmett's lens library
    • ⬆️ Upgrade to work with GHC 8.2
    • 🚚 Repository moved to GitHub
  • v0.1.0.5 Changes

    🛠 another bugfix for hackagedb

  • v0.1.0.4 Changes

    🛠 bugfix

  • v0.1.0.3 Changes

    😌 Relax dependencies

  • v0.1.0.2 Changes

    Haddock fix