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  • v50200.1.0 Changes

    • Added mmUploadFile and exposed its UploadResponse result type.
    • Fixed the FileInfo JSON decoder to permit post_id to be omitted.
    • Added RestrictDirectMessageSetting data type for clientConfigRestrictDirectMessage field of ClientConfig.
    • Added mmAutocompleteUsers.
    • Added mmAutocompleteChannels.
    • Added DirectChannelShowStatus preference type and constructor.

    ๐Ÿ› Bug fixes:

    • mkQueryString now properly URI-encodes keys and values.
  • v50200.0.1 Changes

    ๐Ÿ› Bug fixes:

    • Fix the specification of the QuerySince time for fetching channel posts. The previous version generated a user-displayable date-time which contained spaces and created a malformed URL as well as not being in the proper format for the server.
  • v50200.0.0 Changes

    API changes:

    • Expose new type, TeammateNameDisplayMode, as the type of the clientConfigTeammateNameDisplay field
    • Removed various fields from TeamSettings and ClientConfig that seem to have been removed in 4.9
    • Remove parent_id fields from Post and PendingPost since they are unused and thus confusing
    • Added basic parsing support for websocket events new in 5.2 (fixes #408)
    • ClientConfig: removed EnableUserCreation field that is removed in 5.0
    • Removed extra_update_at channel data field

    ๐Ÿ› Bug fixes:

    • Fixed examples and tests to use the UserText type instead of Data.Text (thanks Carlos D [email protected])
  • v40900.1.0 Changes

    API changes:

    • Added a newtype, UserText, to wrap many API response fields to indicate that they may contain unsafe or unsanitized user input. Also added unsafeUserText to unwrap such values when the caller knows that using the unsafe value is appropriate.
  • v40900.0.0 Changes

    • Endpoints: enabled mmPatchPost and removed duplicate argument type for PostUpdate.
    • Ensure that file fetching uses the V4 API endpoint.
  • v40800.0.2 Changes

    • The websocket connection now uses the V4 API endpoint.
    • submitRequest now also retries on "resource vanished" exceptions.
  • v40800.0.1 Changes

    • createPool now requires a secure connection argument. Previously it always defaulted to True which broke insecure connection setups.
    • Removed the upper bound from memory to support GHC 8.4.
  • v40800.0.0 Changes

    • Fixed the URI for the mmUnflagPost API call.
    • Some JSON instances now more precisely handle missing optional fields.
    • mattermost-api now supports connection pooling with persistent server connections. A connection pool configuration is required to connect to Mattermost servers (thanks to Abhinav Sarkar)
  • v40700.0.0 Changes

    API changes:

    • Added a websocket event constructor for the delete_team event added in 4.7.
  • v40600.1.0 Changes

    API changes:

    • The UserSearch type now wraps optional fields with Maybe. The field types changed from Text to the appropriate ID type.
    • Removed defunct Network.Mattermost.Types.mkSession function.
    • Added an API endpoint function mmGetUsersByIds for getting users by ID.

    Other changes:

    • The doRequest function used by APIv4 endpoint functions now invokes the connection's logger to log request method and URI.