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mplayer-spot saves your spot when watching movies with mplayer.


You can use mplayer-spot on the command line just as you would use mplayer:

$ mplayer-spot Dumb-and-Dumber.mp4

This plays the movie just like mplayer.

However, if you exit part-way through the movie by pressing q, mplayer-spot saves your current location. Next time you play the same file, mplayer-spot looks up how far into the movie you watched, and starts playing from that position.

If instance, if you stop the movie after 45 minutes, and play it again with mplayer-spot, it will start from the 45 minute mark.

mplayer-spot is convenient if you often watch long movies in parts, and want an easy way to restart from where you left off.

How Does mplayer-spot Work?

mplayer-spot runs mplayer in verbose mode, and parses the current position in the movie. When exiting, it saves the position in the ~/.mplayer-spot directory.

mplayer-spot references files by filename, so if you rename a file, you will not be able to restart from the same position.

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the mplayer-spot README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.