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Programming language: Haskell
License: MIT License
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Myo - Haskell bindings to the Myo armband by Thalmic Labs

This library ships Haskell bindings to the WebSockets API of the Myo Armband, by Thalmic Labs. To use it, refer to example/WS.hs

Native API

Note: This part of library is a working in progress. Expect alpha quality software. Please contribute to speed up its development.

If installed with the flag foreign-api set to True, this library also exposes a 1:1 mapping between the C library (libmyo) and the Haskell world. Please bear in mind that such API comes with severe limitations:

  • At the moment of writing, Mac OS X is the only platform supported
  • A very small API subset has been implemented (PR welcome!)
  • It's author's playground to explore the use of inline-c and automatic memory deallocation with ForeignPtrs and such, therefore some functions sigsegv or they do not deallocate correctly. Please send a patch, I will owe you a 🍺 !


PR and external contributions are welcome! Please open an issue about the part of the API you would like to implement and we'll work together.