ngx-export v2.7.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-11-16 // over 3 years ago
    • 🆕 New features
      • Added directive haskell_var_nohash to prevent the listed variables from putting them into the Nginx variable hash table. This directive can be used when there are many variables and Nginx claims that it could not build variables_hash.
      • Added service supervising mechanism to resume stalled services forcibly when there are bugs in the event delivery system and the service result notifications get lost.
    • 🐛 Bug fixes
      • Fixed wrong severities of log messages.
      • All service timers were made cancelable.

Previous changes from v2.6.6

    • 👌 Improvements
      • Allow bang handlers to be nocacheable and compensate uri changes.
      • Full compensation of uri changes in compensating variables which is important when iterations over error pages include rewrites.
    • Other
      • Package ngx-export-tools version Exposed function skipRPtr which can be useful in many contexts.