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Oh! Authenticated!

OAuth is a popular protocol allowing servers to offer resources owned by some user to a series of authorized clients securely. For instance, OAuth lets Twitter provide access to a user's private tweets to the Twitter client registered on their phone.

oauthenticated is a Haskell library implementing OAuth protocols atop the popular http-client HTTP client library. The goal is to provide a general framework for signing 'Network.HTTP.Client.Request's according to server parameters, a simple method for executing the common 3-arm OAuth token negotiation protocol, and a simplified API for accessing OAuth-protected resources.

Currently oauthenticated only supports OAuth 1.0 and is in alpha. Further testing is needed before trustworthy use can be established. Further, OAuth 2.0 support is planned.


See the examples directory for a script making a OAuth call to a URL with default parameters. Run stack examples/oauth-authenticate.hs --help for usage.

Three-legged Protocol

Warning: the implementation in ThreeLegged.hs has not been tested since recent refactoring and may or may not do anything useful.