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Number Theory packages

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  • arithmoi

    9.5 5.6 Haskell
    Number theory: primes, arithmetic functions, modular computations, special sequences
  • fast-arithmetic

    6.6 1.9 ATS
    Home of the fast-arithmetic library for number theory in ATS and Haskell.
  • integer-logarithms

    5.9 0.4 Haskell
    Integer logarithms, originally split from arithmoi package
  • primesieve

    4.3 0.1 Haskell
    A collection of packages related to math, algorithms and science, in Haskell.
  • pell

    2.0 0.0 Haskell
    Haskell Package to solve the Generalized Pell Equation
  • integer-roots

    1.1 0.0 Haskell
    Integer roots and perfect powers of arbitrary precision