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  • reflex-dom

    9.8 5.9 Haskell
    Web applications without callbacks or side-effects. Reflex-DOM brings the power of functional reactive programming (FRP) to the web. Build HTML and other Document Object Model (DOM) data with a pure functional interface.
  • reflex-jsx

    8.2 0.0 Haskell
    Use jsx-like syntax in Reflex
  • reflex-dom-helpers

    7.1 0.0 Haskell
    Element helpers for reflex-dom
  • reflex-dom-fragment-shader-canvas

    4.4 0.0 Haskell
    A reflex-dom widget to draw on a canvas with a fragment shader program
  • reflex-monad-auth

    1.4 0.0 Haskell
    Reflex FRP auxiliary library for splitting applications into authorized and not authorized environments
  • reflex-external-ref

    - -
    External reference with reactivity support