pandoc v2.11.1 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-11-03 // over 2 years ago
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    DocBook Reader: fix duplicate bibliography bug (#6773, Nils Carlson).

    HTML reader:

    • Parse contents of iframes (#6770).

    - Parse inline svg as image unless raw_html is set in the reader (in which case the svg is passed through as raw HTML) (#6770).

    LaTeX reader:

    • Fix bug parsing macro arguments (#6796). If \cL is defined as \mathcal{L}, and \til as \tilde{#1}, then \til\cL should expand to \tilde{\mathcal{L}}, but pandoc was expanding it to \tilde\mathcal{L}. This is fixed by parsing the arguments in “verbatim mode” when the macro expands arguments at the point of use.

    - Properly support optional (cite) argument for \blockquote from csquotes (#6802).

    📦 LaTeX writer: Improved calculation of table column widths. We now have LaTeX do the calculation, using \tabcolsep. So we should now have accurate relative column widths no matter what the text width. The default template has been modified to load the calc package if tables are used.

    HTML writer: Fix duplicate “class” attribute for table rows (Andy Morris).

    Text.Pandoc.Filter: allow shorter YAML representation of Citeproc (Albert Krewinkel). The map-based YAML representation of filters expects type and path fields. The path field had to be present for all filter types, but is not used for citeproc filters. The field can now be omitted when type is “citeproc”, as described in the MANUAL.

    📜 Text.Pandoc.Error: Add PandocBibliographyError constructor for PandocError [API change]. This ensures that bibliography parsing errors generate messages that include the bibliography file name – otherwise it can be quite mysterious where it is coming from.

    🛠 Citeproc: properly handle csl field with data: URI (#6783). This is used with the JATS writer, so this fixes a regression in pandoc 2.11 with JATS output and citeproc.

    👍 Allow citation-abbreviations in defaults file.

    JATS templates: ensure jats_publishing output is valid (Albert Krewinkel).

    LaTeX template: Fix CSLRightInline, so that it does not run over the right margin.

    0️⃣ HTML template: default CSS tweaks (Mauro Bieg and John MacFarlane).

    • Fix margin before codeblock
    • Add monobackgroundcolor variable, making the background color and padding of code optional.
    • Ensure that backgrounds from highlighting styles take precedence over monobackgroundcolor
    • Remove list markers from TOC
    • Add margin-bottom where needed
    • Remove italics from blockquote styling
    • Change borders and spacing in tables to be more consistent with other output formats
    • Style h5, h6
    • Set font-size for print media to 12pt.
    • Reduce interline space.
    • Reduce interparagraph space.
    • Reduce line width.
    • Remove the special line-height: 1 for table cells.
    • Remove the special line-height for pre.
    • Ensure that there is a bit more space before a heading than after.
    • Slightly reduced space after title header.

    - Add CSS example to MANUAL

    man template: Change comment that triggers tbl from .\"t to '\" t, as specified in groff_man(7) (#6803).

    👀 Use latest commonmark, commonmark-extensions. This fixes a bug with nested blocks in footnotes with the footnote extension to commonmark. See jgm/commonmark-hs#63.

    👍 Citeproc: use comma for in-text citations inside footnotes. When an author-in-text citation like @foo occurs in a footnote, we now render it with: AUTHOR NAME + COMMA + SPACE + REST. Previously we rendered: AUTHOR NAME + SPACE + "(" + REST + ")". This gives better results. Note that normal citations are still rendered in parentheses.

    ✅ Use latest citeproc:

    • citeproc no longer capitalizes notes, so we do it in pandoc when appropriate.

    - Closes #6783.

    Clarify manual on --track-changes (#6801).

    ➕ Add doc/ to document pandoc’s handling of JATS (#6794, Albert Krewinkel).

    🛠 Fix code example in (#6795).