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Programming language: Haskell
License: MIT License
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Uses the Persistent package and HDBC-odbc to access databases via ODBC.

Thanks to Dmitry Olshansky at https://github.com/odr/persistent-odbc/ for doing the initial hookup to hdbc-odbc.

Supports Postgres, MySql, MS Sql Server, Oracle, DB2, and SQLite.

see TestODBC.hs for usage and tests.

How to get started using cabal >= 1.18

git clone https://github.com/gbwey/persistent-odbc
cd persistent-odbc
stack ghci --test --flag persistent-odbc:tester
:load TestODBC.hs  (also need to define the appropriate odbc system dsn below and then run the command)

e.g. for postgresql
1. create a system odbc dsn "pg_test"
2. :main p
DBMS ODBC System Dsn Command
Postgresql dsn=pg_test :main p
MySQL dsn=mysql_test :main m
DB2 dsn=db2_test :main d
Ms Sql Server >= 2012 dsn=mssql_test :main s
Ms Sql Server pre 2012 dsn=mssql_test :main so
Oracle pre 12c dsn=oracle_test :main o
Oracle >= 12c dsn=oracle_test :main on
Sqlite dsn=sqlite_test :main q

Limit and Offset in Ms Sql Server and Oracle

MSSQL True for MS Sql Server 2012 which has limit and offset support (esqueleto as well). MSSQL False for MS Sql Server pre 2012 only supports limit using Persistent's select* operations. (select top n ...).

Oracle True for Oracle >=12c which has limit and offset support (esqueleto as well). Oracle False for Oracle <12c where there is no limit and offset support.

Ms Sql Server and blobs

Blobs are problematic in hdbc-odbc.

Ms Sql Server and deleteCascadeWhere

Can cause segfault in Ms Sql Server.

Oracle and nulls

Treats empty string as a null (oracle issue).

Oracle and sorting blobs

Cannot sort on a blob field (oracle issue).

DB2 and blobs

Blobs don't support nulls (both insert and select) in this version of persistent-odbc (also doesn't work in hdbc-odbc). Select returns the blob values as unpacked strings at the moment (if there is interest in getting this fixed let me know).