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Programming language: Haskell
License: BSD 3-clause "New" or "Revised" License
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Latest version: v0.1.0
Add another 'planet' Package



planet-mitchell is my very own Haskell package planet.

It contains no new code, only re-exports from base and various well-known packages, similar to [https://hackage.haskell.org/package/rebase](rebase).

  • Control., Data., Foreign., etc. module prefixes are stripped. The idea here is that, if a name such as Applicative is sufficiently unambiguous in the Haskell ecosystem, it deserves as short a module name as possible.

See the elm standard library for inspiration.

  • The module hierarchy is not faithful to the underlying packages. Many modules contain related re-exports from multiple packages, and I've invented a few new sin-bin modules such as Concurrency, Parallelism, Eval, and Debug.

  • To reduce API surface area and encourage a consistent vocabulary, redundant functions like sequence and mapM are not re-exported.

  • Odd, uncommon, and deprecated types and functions (like WrappedApplicative) are not re-exported.

  • Partial functions are discouraged and mostly live in .Partial modules. (This is a work-in-progress).

  • Unsafe functions are discouraged and mostly live in .Unsafe modules. (This is a work-in-progress).

  • String is heavily discouraged, and many String IO functions are not re-exported; Text and/or ByteString versions are re-exported instead.

  • Generalizations like MonadIO / MonadUnliftIO are used where possible.


Alpha quality, massive churn and breaking changes should be expected. Don't use this package.

Recommended packages

Packages perhaps worth looking at that didn't make it into my planet:

Abstract algebra

  • comonad


  • free

Free monads, applicatives, alternatives, etc.

  • mmorph

Monad morphisms.

  • pointed

  • semilattices


  • Diff

Find the difference between two lists

CLI utilities

  • ansi-terminal

Terminal color codes.

  • concurrent-output

Sticky, STM-based console regions.

  • optparse-applicative

Command-line option parsing.

  • say

Thread-safe putStrLn.

  • text-ansi

Text styling combinators.


  • dhall


  • bits

Bits extras and bitwise serialization.


  • base-orphans

Orphan instances for old bases.

Data structures

  • algebraic-graphs

Algebraic graphs.

  • array


  • compact

Compact regions: no pointer inside a compact region points outside of it.

  • dlist

Difference lists.

  • fgl

Inductive graph library.

  • foldl

Left folds and scans.

  • heaps

Heap, supporting O(1) insert and O(log n) find min. Can be used to implement a priority queue.

  • ilist

Functions for working with linked list indexes, like imap.

  • insert-ordered-containers

HashMap/HashSet that maintain insertion order.

  • multiset

Multisets, aka bags.

  • psqueues

Priority search queues.

  • split

List splitting functions.

  • strict-tuple

Strict tuples.

  • topograph

Directed, acyclic graphs.

  • vault

  • vector-builder

Vector builder monoid.

Concurrent data structures
  • abstract-deque

  • atomic-primops

CAS operations on IORefs and arrays. Includes a concurrent counter type as well.

  • stm-chans

STM channel and queue that can be closed.

  • stm-containers

STM containers.

  • unagi-chan

Fast concurrent channels.


  • email-validate

Validate email addresses.

Effects / monads

  • list-transformer

ListT done right.

  • logict

A search monad for backtracking and fair interleaving.

  • managed

A simple wrapper for callback-based IO functions.

  • monad-ste

STE s e a, a faster alternative to ExceptT e (ST s) a.


  • reactive-banana

Clean FRP library.


  • aeson

De facto standard JSON library.

  • aeson-pretty

Pretty-print JSON.

  • aeson-qq

JSON quasi-quoter.

  • generic-aeson

Generic ToJSON/FromJSON generation that may be superior to aeson's.

  • lens-aeson

JSON lenses.


  • constraints

Type class constraint manipulation.

  • network-uri

URI type.

  • nf

Helper newtype that deepseqs when seq'd, useful for ensuring that a data structure is fully evaluated before placing on a worker queue, for example.

  • transformers-compat

Generic deriving of Eq1, Ord1, etc.

  • unique

Generate uniques symbol in IO.

  • uuid


  • approximate

Approximate numbers.

  • erf

The error function.

  • exact-pi

Exact representation of q×π^z. Can express all rational numbers, plus π.

  • fast-digits

Convert a positive integer to/from its digits in any base.

  • half

Half-precision floating point.

  • integer-logarithms

Integer logarithms.

  • scientific

Scientific notation numbers.


  • Earley

  • lens-regex

Lens + regex.

  • megaparsec

Non-incremental recursive-descent parser for both binary and textual data.

  • parser-combinators

Applicative/Monad-general functions commonly used in recursive-descent parsers.

  • regex-applicative

Regex library.

Pretty printing

  • prettyprinter

  • prettyprinter-ansi-terminal


  • mwc-random

  • random-bytestring


  • cborg

Concise Binary Object Representation (CBOR)

  • cborg-json


  • double-conversion

Convert Doubles to ByteString/Text.

  • serialise


  • base16-bytestring

Hexadecimal ByteString encoding.

  • bytestring-lexing

Read/write numeric literals as ByteStrings, like "-5.5".

  • case-insensitive

Newtype for case-insensitive string handling.

  • neat-interpolation

Quasi-quoter for text interpolation.

  • stringsearch

ByteString search.

  • text-builder

Strict Text builder monoid.

  • text-short

Memory-efficient UTF-8 text, does not support zero-copy slicing.

  • text-metrics

Text similarity combinators.

  • utf8-string

UTF-8 ByteStrings.


  • network

  • network-info

Grab system network interfaces.

  • typed-process

Process forking.

  • unix

Process forking, signals, etc.