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Programming language: Haskell
License: MIT License
Tags: Development     PureScript    
Latest version: v0.6.0

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psc-ide is now distributed with the compiler. This repo won't be kept in sync.


A tool which provides editor support for the PureScript language.

Build Status


Compiled binaries are provided for Windows, Ubuntu and OSX on the release page. It is however very easy to build psc-ide with stack or cabal.

After you installed the psc-ide binaries you can start using one of the editor plugins.

Using stack

stack install psc-ide

Using cabal

For building with cabal the use of sandboxes is highly recommended to avoid "cabal hell"

mkdir psc-ide
cd psc-ide
cabal update
cabal sandbox init
cabal install psc-ide

And then copy the compiled binaries from .cabal-sandbox/bin/ into a folder on your path.

From Source

For the most recent version of psc-ide you can compile from master doing:

git clone https://github.com/kRITZCREEK/psc-ide.git
cd psc-ide
stack install

Editor Integration

Running the Server

Start the server by running the psc-ide-server executable. It supports the following options:

  • -p / --port specify a port. Defaults to 4242
  • -d / --directory specify the toplevel directory of your project. Defaults to the current directory
  • --output-directory: Specify where to look for compiled output inside your project directory. Defaults to output/, relative to either the current directory or the directory specified by -d.
  • --debug: Enables some logging meant for debugging
  • --version: Output psc-ide version

Issuing queries

After you started the server you can start issuing requests using psc-ide. Make sure you start by loading the modules before you try to query them.

psc-ide expects the build externs.purs inside the output/ folder of your project after running pulp build or psc-make respectively.

(If you changed the port of the server you can change the port for psc-ide by using the -p option accordingly)


For a documentation have a look at: [PROTOCOL.md](PROTOCOL.md)

Installing and Building

The project is set up to be built using the stack tool.

cd psc-ide
stack setup # This is only required if you haven't installed GHC 7.10.2 before
stack build # add --copy-bins to also copy the compiled binaries to ~/.local/bin/
stack exec -- psc-ide-server &
stack exec -- psc-ide


The testsuite can be run with stack test.