relude v1.0.0.1 Release Notes

Release Date: 2021-03-15 // about 2 years ago
    • ๐Ÿ“š Minor documentation changes.

Previous changes from v1.0.0.0

    • #353: Reexport most common modules from the following libraries:

      • containers
      • unordered-containers
      • text
      • bytestring

    Now, when using relude, you don't need to add these libraries to your .cabal file to enjoy their main API. Try removing them from your .cabal file after upgrading to this version of relude to see if you still need them.

    To utilise this feature, update the mixin part of your package configuration (if you're using the mixins approach) to the following:

      mixins:   base hiding (Prelude)
              , relude (Relude as Prelude)
              , relude
    • #345: Support GHC-9.0.
    • โฌ†๏ธ Upgrade minor GHC versions to GHC-8.10.4 and GHC-8.8.4.
    • #268: Drop support of GHC-8.0.2.
    • #270: Standardise universe, universeNonEmpty and inverseMap functions that previously were introduced in the Relude.Extra.Enum module. Relude.Enum module created that is exported in the main Relude module by default.

    Migration guide: If you were using any of these functions you can now remove Relude.Extra.Enum from your imports and explicit mixins section as they are available for you with the Relude module.

    • โœ‚ Remove the Eq constraint on universeNonEmpty
    • #269: Remove the Relude.Extra.Validation module.

    Migration guide: If you use Relude.Extra.Validation in you project you need to:

    1. Add `validation-selective` into the `build-depends` section of your
       `.cabal` file.
    2. Change imports of `Relude.Extra.Validation` to `Validation`:
       -- Was:
       import Relude.Extra.Validation (Validation (..), ..)
       -- Became:
       import Validation (Validation (..), ..)
    • #346, #347: Reimplement ordNub through nubOrd from containers. Add ordNubOn, intNub and intNubOn functions.
    • #327: Add infinitely as more strictly typed forever.
    • #311: Add maybeAt function โ€” the non-operator version of !!? with its arguments flipped.
    • #314: Add lifted versions of functions to work with Handle:

      • hFlush
      • hIsEOF
      • hSetBuffering
      • hGetBuffering
    • #305: Add lifted versions of functions to work with environment:

      • getArgs
      • lookupEnv
    • โž• Add lifted version of the readFile' function.

    • Reexport the BufferMode type from base.

    • #309: Reexport span from Data.List.

    • #319: Implement partitionWith.

    • #307: Add foldr1 to Foldable1.

    • #316: Add average and average1 โ€” efficient functions for finding average on foldable structures.

    • #306: Add maximumOn1 and minimumOn1 to Foldable1.

    • #301: Add traceShowWith to Relude.Debug.

    • #304, #317: Various documentation improvements.

    • โšก๏ธ Updates to relude-specific .hlint rules.

    Thanks @googleson78, @sushi-shi, @rektrex, @aleator, @mjgpy3, @dalpd, ๐Ÿš€ @Bodigrim for helping with this release!