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Programming language: Haskell
License: BSD-2-Clause Plus Patent License
Tags: Neovim     Ribosome    
Latest version: v0.3.0.1

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ribosome is an extension framework for nvim-hs, a Haskell library that provides a Neovim plugin engine.

ribosome's structure is similar to that of vanilla nvim-hs plugins and is intended to provide a more comfortable API on top of it.

Basic Plugin

ribosome comes with a companion plugin manager, chromatin, but you can start plugins regularly with jobstart().

First, add ribosome to your myplugin.cabal's dependencies.

Your project should have an executable that looks like this:

import Neovim (neovim, plugins, defaultConfig)
import MyPlugin.Plugin (plugin)

main :: IO ()
main =
  neovim defaultConfig {plugins = [plugin]}

In MyPlugin.Plugin, you should write a plugin definition like this:

module MyPlugin.Plugin where

import Data.Default.Class (Default(def))
import Neovim (Neovim, NeovimPlugin, Plugin, wrapPlugin)
import Neovim.Context.Internal (Config(customConfig), asks')
import Ribosome.Api.Echo (echom)
import Ribosome.Control.Monad.Ribo (MonadRibo, NvimE, Ribo)
import Ribosome.Control.Ribosome (Ribosome, newRibosome)
import Ribosome.Error.Report (reportError)
import Ribosome.Internal.IO (retypeNeovim)
import Ribosome.Plugin (RpcDef, autocmd, cmd, riboPlugin, rpcHandler)
import System.Log.Logger (Priority(ERROR), setLevel, updateGlobalLogger)

handleError :: Text -> Ribo () Text ()
handleError err =
  echom err

hello :: NvimE e m => MonadRibo m => m ()
hello ::
  echom "hello"

bufEnter :: NvimE e m => MonadRibo m => m ()
bufEnter ::
  echom "BufEnter"

rpcHandlers :: [[RpcDef (Ribo () Error)]]
rpcHandlers =
    $(rpcHandler (cmd []) 'hello),
    $(rpcHandler (autocmd "BufEnter") 'bufEnter)

plugin' :: Ribosome () -> Plugin (Ribosome ())
plugin' env =
  riboPlugin "myplugin" env rpcHandlers def handleError def

initialize :: Neovim e (Ribosome Env)
initialize = do
  liftIO $ updateGlobalLogger "Neovim.Plugin" (setLevel ERROR)
  ribo <- newRibosome "myplugin" def
  retypeNeovim (const ribo) (asks' customConfig)

plugin :: Neovim e NeovimPlugin
plugin =
  wrapPlugin . plugin' =<< initialize

Follow the instructions for the bootstrapping vim config in the documentation for chromatin. Now you can execute the command :Hello.

For more inspiration, check out some example projects: proteome, myo, uracil.