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License: GNU General Public License v3.0 only
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Latest version: v2.8.0.437

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SciDB and the hquery command

SciDB is a column-oriented database management system (DBMS) designed for multidimensional data management and analytics common to scientific, geospatial, industrial, and financial applications. See http://www.paradigm4.com/ and http://www.paradigm4.com/forum for more information about the Data Management and Analytics Software System (DMAS) known as SciDB.

The hquery command is a Haskell command line and interactive interpreter for SciDB AFL queries via shim. See also

  • hquery -y,
  • hquery -h, or
  • hquery -m

for more information

There is a primitive API derived after the creation of hquery defined by the following data structures and actions:

  • Environment
  • Err
  • mkGlobalManagerEnv
  • runQueries
  • unsafeRunQuery
  • getSciDbVersion

The hquery manual page

```hquery(1) User Command hquery(1)

NAME hquery - Haskell query for SciDB via shim

SYNOPSIS hquery [-V n] [-W] [-t hstfile] [-c certstore] [-n] [-r http[s]] [-i host] [-p port] [-a true|false] [-e true|false] [-o fmt] [-b num] [-d|-s] [-u usr] [-w pw] [-f qyfile] [query...] hquery -g hquery -h hquery -l hquery -m hquery -v hquery -y

AVAILABILITY Marcus D. Gabriel. All rights reserved 2014-20(c).

[email protected]

License terms: GNU GPL version 3 (hquery -l)

DESCRIPTION The command hquery with no operands and no options will begin an interacitve session with a SciDB server using SciDB's shim protocol at http://localhost:8080.

With operands, each string will be executed as a SciDB AFL (Array Functional Language) query returning a result in SciDB DCSV format and fetching only 23 lines per query by default. If stdin is non-empty, it will be execute before the operands. SciDB AFL queries are case insensitive and terminated by semi-colons (;).

Before submitting a query to the shim server, the command hquery will 1. return syntax and parsing errors 2. report bad nestings, e.g., 'uniq(store(A,B));' 3. report unknown commands, ignoring them

Additionally, the command hquery reports SciDB/shim server query exceptions without terminating the process.

The command hquery accepts Haskell sytle comments and accepts the setting of the following following global variables:

 -- Number of lines to fetch
 -- Format of the output
 -- True to fetch data, false to not fetch data
 -- True to read lines, false to read bytes
 -- Prefix to execute before a query by shim, e.g.,

Prefix is an optional, semi-colon separated, AFL statements to precede a query in the same SciDB connection context. It is mainly used for SciDB namespace and role setting. There is no terminating semi-colon so trailing semi-colons are removed otherwise the prefix is sent to shim unverified and unaltered via the variable 'prefix'.

The command 'quit;' or 'exit;' ends the interactive session with exit status 0. The command "vars;" displays the interpreter variables and values, and the command "funs;" displays the currently defined interpreter functions and definitions: exit, funs, quit, upload, and vars.

The upload command takes one argument, a local file path string, and returns a shim server-side file path. It is used in queries such as load, input, load_module that take a shim server-side file path. Examples are





All of the above is case insensitive and terminated with a semi-colon (;).

INTERACTIVE SESSION Multi-line queries are supported interactively as they are in non-interactive execution. Ctrl-D at a new prompt ends the interactive session. Ctrl-C returns to the interactive prompt, used to end input, especially multi-line input.

The default prompt is 'True/dcsv/23?', for example,

 True/dcsv/23? list('arrays');

which displays up to 23 lines of arrays, that is,


You can change the global variables 'n', 'format', 'fetch', 'readinglines', and 'prefix' during execution which changes the prompt:

 True/dcsv/23? n=200;              -- Fetch 200 lines
 True/dcsv/200? n=0;               -- Fetch all lines
 True/dcsv/0? format='csv';        -- Set format to csv
 True/csv/0? fetch=false;          -- Fetch no lines regardless
                                   -- the value of n
 False/csv/0? fetch=true;format=dcsv;n=23;
 True/dcsv/23? readinglines=false; -- Fetch all bytes regardless
                                   -- the value of n
 Bytes/dcsv/23? prefix='set_namespace(\'sensor_data\');';
 Bytes/dcsv/23p list('arrays');    -- List sensor_data arrays
 Bytes/dcsv/23p quit;

In other words, the prompt indicates the default behaviour for the next query executed.

OPTIONS The following options are supported:

-a True|false, true to read lines, false to read bytes (--reading-lines). If false, the number of lines to fetch (-b) is ignored and the entire output buffer is downloaded. This follows the recommendataion of the shim documentation.

-b Number, number of lines to fetch (--number).

-c Certificate store file, a certificate store to load and use for SSL/TLS connections (--certificate-store). The insecure option (-n) over-rides the certificate store (-c).

-d Use basic digest access authorization, used by either the http and https protocols (--digest-authorization). Digest authorization (-d) over-rides SciDB authorization (-s).

-e True|false, true to fetch lines, false to not fetch lines (--fetch).

-f Query file, a readable file of queries. Multi-line queries are supported in a file (--file). If stdin is non-empty, it is executed before the file of queries. If operands are present, they are executed after the file of queries.

-g Get and display the SciDB version via shim and then exit (--scidb-version). This performs a simple check for shim and SciDB availability.

-h Display a short hquery summary (--help).

-i IP address or hostname, default localhost (--host).

-l Display the hquery license terms (--license).

-m Display this internal manual page (--manual).

-n Do not use certificate validation, insecure because of potential man-in-the-middle attacks (--insecure). The insecure option (-n) over-rides the certificate store (-c).

-o Format, ouput format such as dcsv, csv, csv+, tsv, tsv+, etc (--format).

-p Port number, default 8080 for protocol (-r) http and default 8083 for protocol (-r) https (--port).

-r Protocol, e.g., http or https, default http (--protocol). If the protocol is http, the certificate store (-c) and insecure (-n) options are disabled.

-s Use SciDB access authorization, requires the https protocol (--scidb-authorization). This option sets the https protocol except when digest authorization (-d) over-rides SciDB authorization (-s).

-t History file, defualt ~/.hquery_history or /tmp/.hquery_history if ~ does not exist (--history).

-u Username, defualt null (--username). Used by the digest or SciDB authorization option (-d or -s). Displays an error and exits if neither is used with digest or SciDB authorization.

-v The version of hquery (--version).

-w Password, default null (--password). Used by the digest or SciDB authorization option (-d or -s). Displays an error and exits if neither is used with digest or SciDB authorization.

-y A synopsis of the internal manual page (--synopsis).

-x Prefix, a prefix to execute before a query by shim (--prefix). Note that the prefix on the command line is verified before being sent to shim. Prefix is a semi-colon separated set of statements. It is mainly used for SciDB namespace and role setting. There is no terminating semi-colon so trailing semi-colons are removed.

-V Same as -V1 (--verbose). -V0 Quiet. No information is sent to stderr (--verbose=0). -V1 Shows some HTTP exceptions and trace information (--verbose=1). -V2 Shows additional URL information (--verbose=2).

-W Wait on stdin (--wait-on-stdin). In some cases, hquery can determine that stdin is ready in which case it is consumed. The -W option guarantees that hquery waits on stdin.


USAGE NOTES The development of the utility hquery began with SciDB community edition 13 and continued with 14, 15, 16, 18, and 19.

This version of hquery has been lightly tested with ghc version 8.2.2 and 8.6.5 and SciDB 18.1, 19.3 and 19.11 community edition. Currently the command hquery has never been tested on a SciDB enterprise edition, and thus it is not known if SciDB authorization (-s) or a prefix (-x) actually works.

EXAMPLES To list all currently defined arrays with SciDB authorization required, use

 hquery -i coordinator -s -u ScidB -w SciDBPassword \
     "n=0; list('arrays');"

To list up to 100 lines of functions with digest authorization required, use

 hquery -i coordinator -d -u Digest \
     -w DigestPassword "n=100; list('arrays');"

To list up to 23 lines of operators, 23 being the default, use

 hquery -i coordinator "list('operators');"

To list all functions by reading bytes instead of lines, use

 hquery -i coordinator -a false "list('functions');"

To create an array A, use

 hquery -i coordinator "create array A <x:double> [i=0:99:0:10];"

To execute the file of queries HQTests.qy with no authorization required via a TLS connection, use

 hquery -c ssl_cert.pem  -r https -i coordinator -f HQTest.qy

To execute the file of queries HQTests.qy with digest authorization required via a TLS connection insecurely, use

 hquery -n -r https -i coordinator -d -u Digest \
     -w DigestPassword -f HQTests.qy

To list all arrays in the sensor_data namespace, use

 hquery -i coordinator -b 0 -x "set_namespace('sensor_data');" \

To find and project the arrays A, B, C and D to be removed, use

 hquery -otsv "project(apply(filter(list('arrays'),regex(name,'A|B|C|D')),
     remove,'remove('+name+');'),remove);" | hquery -W

To display a synopsis of this internal manual page, use

 hquery -y

To display a summary of usage, use

 hquery -h

To display this internal manual page, use

 hquery -m

ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES HOME Home directory for the history file, by defualt ~/.hquery_history.

PAGER Page the internal manual page or license terms using "${PAGER}", otherwise print it.

EXIT STATUS An exit status of 0 is returned if successful, otherwise non-zero is returned.

     1        Unknown error.
     2        No authorization specified (-s|-d) with
     3        Invalid protocol, hostname, port, or history
          file option.
     4        Cannot connect to hostname:port.
     5        Unreadable query file.
     6        Unreadable certicate store file.
     7        Invalid certificate store.
     8        Network/certificate manager initialization error.
     9        Empty, bad or no digest authentication.
    10        Unauthorized access.
    11        Could not connect to SciDB.
    12        Input syntax error for a SciDB query.
    13        Fetch (-e) or reading-lines (-a) not true or false.
    14        Bad command-line prefix (-x).

15..255 Unknown error.

FILES ~/.hquery_history

SEE ALSO SciDB, SciDB iquery, SciDB shim at https://www.paradigm4.com/ and https://www.paradigm4.com/forum for more information.

NOTES Please send bug reports to https://github.com/mdgabriel/scidb-hquery/issues.

BUGS No known bugs to date.

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the scidb-hquery README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.