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License: BSD 3-clause "New" or "Revised" License
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servant-rawm provides a way to embed a WAI Application in a Servant handler. It is more convenient and powerful than the Raw type provided by servant.

See the Haddocks on Hackage for servant-rawm for an explanation of how to use the RawM type.

After servant-rawm, the implementations of the RawM endpoint are divided into servant-rawm-client, servant-rawm-docs, and servant-rawm-server to avoid introducing unnecessary dependencies and reduce the compilation overhead.

You will need to add either of the implementations to your dependencies, and import the corresponding implementation (Servant.RawM.Server, Servant.RawM.Client, or Servant.RawM.Docs) for the RawM endpoint to function correctly.


There is code for an example server, client, and documentation located in [servant-rawm-examples-and-tests/example/](servant-rawm-examples-and-tests/example/). The following section describes how to run the example executables.


The example executables can be built with the following command:

$ stack build servant-rawm-examples-and-tests


After building, the server can be run with the following command:

$ stack exec -- servant-rawm-example-server

This runs a server on port 8201 serving files in [servant-rawm-examples-and-tests/example/files/](servant-rawm-examples-and-tests/example/files/).

It can be accessed from curl like the following:

$ curl http://localhost:8201/serve-directory/foo.txt
This is an example text file.


After building and running the server, the client can be run like the following:

$ stack exec -- servant-rawm-example-client
Successfully got file ./example/files/foo.txt:

This is an example text file.


After building, the documentation can be generated like the following. This is documentation for the API defined in [servant-rawm-examples-and-tests/example/Api.hs](servant-rawm-examples-and-tests/example/Api.hs):

$ stack exec -- servant-rawm-example-docs


*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the servant-rawm README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.