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Programming language: Haskell
License: MIT License
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Latest version: v0.0.2.0

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Generate Swift types from Haskell types


A simple sum type
data SumType = Sum1 | Sum2 | Sum3
getShwifty ''SumType
enum SumType {
    case sum1
    case sum2
    case sum3
A simple product type
data ProductType = ProductType { x :: Int, y :: Int }
getShwifty ''ProductType
struct ProductType {
    let x: Int
    let y: Int
A sum type with type variables
data SumType a b = SumL a | SumR b
getShwifty ''SumType
enum SumType<A, B> {
    case sumL(A)
    case sumR(B)
A product type with type variables
data ProductType a b = ProductType 
  { aField :: a
  , bField :: b 
getShwifty ''ProductType
struct ProductType<A, B> {
    let aField: A
    let bField: B
A newtype
newtype Newtype a = Newtype { getNewtype :: a }
getShwifty ''Newtype
struct Newtype<A> {
    let getNewtype: A
A type with a function field
newtype Endo a = Endo { appEndo :: a -> a }
getShwifty ''Endo
struct Endo<A> {
    let appEndo: ((A) -> A)
A weird type with nested fields. Also note the Result's types being flipped from that of the Either.
data YouveGotProblems a b = YouveGotProblems 
  { field1 :: Maybe (Maybe (Maybe a))
  , field2 :: Either (Maybe a) (Maybe b) 
getShwifty ''YouveGotProblems
struct YouveGotProblems<A, B> {
    let field1: A???
    let field2: Result<B?, A?>
A type with polykinded type variables
data PolyKinded (a :: k) = PolyKinded
getShwifty ''PolyKinded
struct PolyKinded<A> { }
A sum type where constructors might be records
data SumType a b (c :: k) 
  = Sum1 Int a (Maybe b) 
  | Sum2 b 
  | Sum3 { x :: Int, y :: Int }
getShwifty ''SumType
enum SumType<A, B, C> {
  case field1(Int, A, B?)
  case field2(B)
  case field3(_ x: Int, _ y: Int)
A type containing another type with instance generated by 'getShwifty'
newtype MyFirstType a = MyFirstType { getMyFirstType :: a }
getShwifty ''MyFirstType

data Contains a = Contains 
  { x :: MyFirstType Int
  , y :: MyFirstType a 
getShwifty ''Contains
struct MyFirstType<A> {
  let getMyFirstType: A

struct Contains<A> {
  let x: MyFirstType<Int>
  let y: MyFirstType<A>