skylighting v0.10.5 Release Notes

    • Fix regression from 0.10.3 with Haskell highlighting of Char (#120).

    • Update xml syntax definitions from upstream. Updated syntaxes: abc apache asp bash bibtex boo c changelog clojure cmake commonlisp cs curry d diff djangotemplate doxygen elixir elm email erlang fortran-fixed fortran-free fsharp hamlet haskell haxe html idris ini javascript-react javascript json julia kotlin latex lex lilypond literate-curry literate-haskell makefile markdown mathematica maxima mediawiki metafont modula-2 mustache nasm nim noweb ocaml octave opencl perl powershell prolog pure python r roff ruby rust sed spdx-comments sql-mysql sql-postgresql tcl tcsh toml typescript verilog xml xslt xul yacc yaml. Not updated: rhtml (causes an error on our test suite), zsh (has a regex we can't parse).