skylighting v0.11 Release Notes

    • Skylighting.Regex: Support regex subroutines (#118). For example, (?1) is replaced by the regex in the first capturing group. So far we only support this simple, absolute form, not the relative form (?-1) supported by some engines (but not used, I think, in KDE's syntax highlighters). This change involves an API change: Regex in Skylighting.Regex has a new Subroutine constructor, and the Recurse constructor has been removed. Instead of Recurse we use Subroutine 0, which unifies the code.

    • Skylighting.Regex: handle e.g. [\1] and [\123] (without initial 0) as octal escapes (#118). These occur in the zsh.xml syntax definition.

    • Pull xml definitions for bash, cmake, python, zsh from upstream.

    • README: Add a note about pulling syntax definitions from upstream (#138). Update build instructions for recent cabal versions (#131).