skylighting v0.12 Release Notes

    • Properly handle include elements in keyword lists (#124). A number of syntaxes (e.g. typescript, scala) include keyword lists from other syntaxe,s and previously we weren't able to handle this.

      There are several pieces to this change. We need to store lists where other Syntaxes can look them up, so we add an sLists field to Syntax [API change], and modify the parser to fill this. We change lists so that their values are not just a Text, but a ListItem that can either be a textual value or an include directive, specifying a ListName (syntax name and list name).

      The Keyword constructor for Matcher now takes, instead of a WordSet, Either a ListName or a WordSet (API change).

      Skylighting.Parser now exports resolveKeywords (API change), which modifies all Keyword matchers in a syntax so that Left values with a ListName become Right values with resolved WordSets. The tokenizer applies this function automatically to the SyntaxMap given in Config. But it is more efficient to do this conversion just once, rather than every time tokenize is called. So we have loadSyntaxesFromDir call it on the SyntaxMap. With this optimization, there is not an appreciable performance cost to the changes described above.

    • Skylighting.Regex: Fix bug with regexes like a{10}b (#133). This requires exactly 10 a's; previously we interpreted it as "at least 10."

    • skylighting-extract: take a directory as argument rather than files. This allows us to use loadSyntaxesFromDir.

    • Update xml syntax definitions from upstream: julia, cmake, cpp, isocpp, markdown, python, toml.