skylighting v0.13.1 Release Notes

    • getCapture: fail instead of throwing error if dynamic match not found. I believe this is the intended behavior for StringDetect, judging from examples in the KDE documentation.

    • Update xml syntax definitions: asn1, bash, c, cmake, cpp, cs, d, elixir, fortran-fixed, gcc, glsl, go, html, java, javascript, lex, lua, markdown, mediawiki, noweb, ocaml, orgmode, php, powershell, prolog, python, r, ruby, rust, scheme, sql-postgresql, typescript, vhdl, xml, yacc, yaml, zsh

    • Replace a lambda with pointfree notation (shaving off some RAM usage) (0xd34df00d).

    • Use newtype for TokenizerM, giving about 5-10% boost on benchmark (0xd34df00d).