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Concurrency for the streaming ecosystem

There are two primary higher-level use-cases for this library:

  1. Merge multiple Streams together.

  2. A conceptual Stream-based equivalent to [parMap] (albeit utilising concurrency rather than true parallelism).

    [parMap]: http://hackage.haskell.org/package/parallel/docs/Control-Parallel-Strategies.html#v:parMap

However, low-level functions are also exposed so you can construct your own methods of concurrently using Streams (and there are also non-Stream-specific functions if you wish to use it with other data types).

Conceptually, the approach taken is to consider a typical correspondence system with an in-basket/tray for receiving messages for others, and an out-basket/tray to be later dealt with. Inputs are thus provided into the InBasket and removed once available from the OutBasket.

Thanks and recognition

The code here is heavily based upon -- and borrows the underlying Buffer code from -- Gabriel Gonzalez's pipes-concurrency. It differs from it primarily in being more bracket-oriented rather than providing a spawn primitive, thus not requiring explicit garbage collection.

Another main difference is that the naming of the input and output types has been switched around: pipes-concurrency seems to consider them from the point of view of the supplying/consuming Pipes, whereas here they are considered from the point of view of the Buffer itself.