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Programming language: Haskell
License: GNU General Public License v3.0 only
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Latest version: v0.202.0.0

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This is an attempt to get convenient math syntax in HaTeX.

The idea is to combine these features:

  • Full access to the math-typesetting power of LaTeX. It should be possible to express any formula that might be found in a typical mathematics or physics journal article. This should also include expression which are not quite well-defined from a programming point of view, but are clear to the intended audience.
  • Idiomatic Haskell syntax. Who wants to bother with unreadable expressions involving either hundreds of double-backslashes or extra syntax overhead in wrapping them explicitly into HaTeX? Ideally, one would write expressions as if only meaning Haskell to calculate them, but get the result back as a full pretty-printing LaTeX math string. And the actual calculated result as well, if possible!

See [EXAMPLES.md](EXAMPLES.md) for how this works in practice, or [ example/Simple.hs ](example/Simple.hs) for how the library can be used for writing mathematical documents. Rendered, that looks like this:

| [TeX-my-math source for example document](example/Simple_src.png) | [xelatex-rendered example document](example/Simple_rendered.png) |