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  • v0.3.1 Changes

    • #19: Add proper parsing of floating point numbers.
    • #15: Add parsing of multiline strings.
    • #40: Support full-featured string parser.
    • #18: Add dates parsing.
    • โž• Add useful combinators for newtype wrappers.
    • #58: Add decodeFile function.
  • v0.3 Changes

    • #60: Breaking change: Replace Valuer with Prism.

    Migration guide: replace any fooV with corresponding prism _Foo.

    • #66: Breaking change: Introduce consistent names according to Haskell types.

    Migration guide: see issue details to know which names to use.

    • #8: Create EDSL for easier TOML data type writing.
    • #10: Add Semigroup and Monoid instances for PrefixTree and TOML. Add property tests on laws.
    • #20: Add parsing of hexadecimal, octal, and binary integer numbers.
    • #26: Implement unit tests for TOML parsers. Allow terminating commas inside an array. Allow comments before and after any value inside an array. Allow keys to be literal strings.
  • v0.2.1 Changes

    • ๐Ÿ“œ Make table parser work with maybeP.
    • #39: Implement prettyException function for DecodeException.
  • v0.2.0 Changes

    • Switch names for decode and encode functions.
    • #47: Rename dimapBijection to dimap. Introduce mdimap combinator.
    • #37: Add tables support for bidirectional conversion.
  • v0.1.0 Changes

    • #16: Add parser for literal strings.
    • โž• Add IsString instance for Key data type.
    • #38: Add bidirectional converter for array.
    • #21: Report expected vs. actual type error in parsing.
    • #44: Add bidirectional converter for Maybe.
  • v0.0.0 Changes

    • #3: Implement basic TOML parser with megaparsec.
    • #7: Implement type safe version of Value type as GADT.
    • #4: Implement basic pretty-printer.
    • #1: Implement types representing TOML configuration.
    • ๐ŸŽ‰ Initially created.

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